Thursday, August 5, 2010

New floors and more!

Happy Thursday everyone!
I am so glad that this week is almost over, but at the same time... I cannot wait for this weekend to be over!!!
Now don't get me wrong I love love love my weekends... but this one is different! We are getting new kitchen and foyer floors! Which means that the house is a disaster! John Michael started getting the house ready on Tuesday night by moving the dishwasher, the fridge, and the stove... which means that we cannot cook this week! BUT I am so excited about getting a new dishwasher as well as the new floors. I cannot believe that I am excited about a dishwasher! I used to be so excited about a new pair of heels, new dress... but a DISHWASHER? Come on! Ours is really really loud and sometimes doesn't get everything clean... so today I get to look for a new one and I am so excited about it!
And I am even more excited about the floors. Right now we have, or now had since I am sure that it is all ripped out by now, some 1970 looking tile in the foyer. (it is at the top of the picture above) and we have wonderful linoleum in the kitchen- white with green faux tiles (bottom of the picture) BUT what I didn't realize is that you just put linoleum over linoleum... they had just layered it all on there! We got a wonderful surprise when we saw all of the past years of CRAPPY FLOORS!!!! I really do not get the golden maize color floors... or tiles... it is gross to me! I guess that it was wonderful in the 70's, but since I am a product of the 80's I just don't get it.
We- (I keep saying we, but really it is JM and a guy named Roberto doing all the work) are getting some porcelain tile that looks just like slate tile... it is a light tan with some white going through it. Almost giving it a marble-ish look. IT IS BEAUTIFUL!I will post a picture of the final product in the future...
AND once the floors go in... I have to start taping and painting! I painted the walls a golden color yellow last summer and regret that color choice! From now on I will wait to paint the walls almost last when re-doing a room! I hate that I have to repaint a room! IT will be worth it in the end!

I had my first shower this past weekend!!!! It was SO MUCH FUN! We drank punch.. some really strong punch! I got to see so many of my friends that I have not seen in a long time and even their moms too! It was so nice! Thank you so very much to all of my bridesmaids who threw the wonderful shower! I got some wonderful gifts... and that is really why I cannot wait for this weekend to be over is that we are going to clean out the kitchen of all of the old stuff and start using some of OUR new stuff!
I really like that it will be OUR new kitchen stuff! but now I have to think of where we will put all of the old stuff until we are done with the wedding! Thoughts??? We plan of giving it all to our families who want or need it... for example Chip and Will (my brothers) they will both be moving sometime soon, and they don't have kitchen stuff... and I am sure that Rachel and Sarah (JM's sisters) would love to have some of it as well...

Ladies- when you got married, what did you do with all of the stuff? OLD and NEW??? HELP me out here???

Hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

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