Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diamonds really are a girls best friend!

So I am so excited to say that two months from now I will be a Mrs. McCracken. I cannot wait.
Happy Tuesday everyone!
I had a weird and exciting weekend this past weekend and yesterday was still too upset to write about it all...
Friday night we went up to Lawrenceville to eat and have a few with some great friends! We had a few too many ( I didn't have too many) and then went next door to our friend Jeff's Jewelry store! Benton's Fine Jewelry and Repair ( Check him out at http://www.bentonsjewelry.com/) is the best place to go and shop for something new for your someone special!
We went there to look for some diamond wedding bands for me... but since JM had the ring custom made, nothing would wrap or curve around it! BOO! BUT he said that he had a guy who could make me one...
Well I am stubborn. I decided to go to the Apparel Mart the next day and continue my search... to find NOTHING that would work there either. I was SO UPSET I just wanted to cry... and I did a little... For some reason I thought that it was just going to be easy.

Fast forward to today... Jeff called in a favor and now we are having a diamond wedding band AND a new setting made for the Engagement ring too!!!!! So now I will have diamonds on the band of the Engagement ring as well!
Now for those of you that have seen my wonderful ring dont think that I am crazy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring! It is a HUGE Cushion Cut Diamond with a plain band. The diamond is BEAUTIFUL. I love the ring and I am so happy that he will be able to use the gold from it to make the new one!

I promise to post picture of the current engagement ring and the new one! OF COURSE we are using the same diamond...

As for the wedding plans... Everything is coming along great! I had my first fitting yesterday! The dress is WAY too big now! Made me feel wonderful and we scheduled the next one for 3 weeks out! I cannot wait to see it fit me correctly... and I cannot wait to see JM's face as soon as the music starts playing, the doors fly open, and my Daddy walk me down the aisle to give me away to him. I know that I will have to remember that look, that feeling, what my Daddy says, and the excitement all around both of us walking towards JM for the rest of my life.

Count down has begun... 60 days.

Until them we will celebrate the love of Bryan and Whitney! We are going to their wedding this weekend on Smith Mountain Lake in VA. This couple could not be more perfect for each other.
I will never forget the moment that I met all of JM's friends on a trip to this very lake house last summer. I have never felt more welcomed in my life. Each and everyone one of them are so much more than I imagined, and they even sang me Happy Birthday day on my b-day! I love them all! With out JM growing up with all of them, he would not be the man that I love today. I love you all Greensboro Crew...

Here's to Bryan and Whitney... We love you both!

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