Friday, June 25, 2010

Last weekend...

Last weekend was the most beautiful weekend... ever. JM and I went up to Hendersonville, NC to Camp Kanuga to witness the most perfect wedding where the most perfect couple were getting married.
We left early Friday morning to get out of town and get to the lake with some of our good friends... All of JM's friends from Greensboro, NC where he grew up. We met Jean Gray (Bride) and Nate (Groom) once we arrived, and went to check into our cabin. All of the guests stayed in 4 bedroom cabins for thw whole weekend f wedding festivities! The camp was honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. AND it reminded me of where I went to church camp when I was growing up (Camp Glisson)
Now if I went through the whole weekend of events then this would be the longest blog ever... but everything, and I mean every last detail, was very thoughtful, heartfelt, and perfectly planned by two of the most creative women I have ever known, Jean Gray and her fabulous momma Miss Ellen! I am sure that Nate helped out as well.
The whole weekend these was about "tying tight knots" and I can say that we tied some tight knots with many friends that JM has not seen in a while, and of course I got to know everyone much better!
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Mohs! Jean Gray and Nate we love you dearly!!!!

and an update on redecorating and renovations... I promise to post pictures soon! This weekend we are going to pick up my grandmother Kitty's old kitchen table so that we can refinish it! Once we get the floors and table in- the kitchen will be done....
NOW if we can just sell the pool table we can have a wonderful living room!!!! We already have the furniture and all, but need to find someone who would like to buy a pool table for cheap!!! Let us know of you have any friends who want a pool table, everything comes with it! AND you have to come and get it too!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So for those of you who did not know, today is my Birthday!

I cannot believe that when I woke up this morning I was a year older... and I have turned 26. Gross... 26. No way... that is exactly why I have said, for years now, that I will never age a day past 25.
When I was laying in bed this morning I could not believe that I had to go into the office on my birthday (as if it is a National Holiday or something!) I have never worked on my birthday, always taken off work... But then I decided that I was going to get up, shower, and actually straighten out my hair, put on make-up, AND wear a dress! (this rarely happens in our house) Most mornings I sleep until the very last second, jump in the shower, throw on some jeans and a t-shirt and go across town to work.
Today was different, I woke up feeling great... still feel great...

and when I walked out the door this morning, I said to myself (and my cats) that there is nothing wrong with lying about your age... I will remain 25 from here on out!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so glad that today is Friday!
So only a few things to blog about today...

We got ANOTHER wedding invitation in the mail the other day... so NOW we have 11 to attend and #12 will be our own! I cannot be invited to another wedding this year! I just cannot! That will make ours #13! Of course the #13 doesnt mean a thing to me, but still it is adding up quick!

We finally booked the Rehersal Dinner spot and I cannot wait! It is exactly what JM wanted and I know that he is really really excited about it! To be honest I am even more excited about the BBQ that we will be having! The space is absolutly beautiful as well! Great job McCracken Clan- it is wonderful and everything that we could have hoped for!

Also this week we decided that we will have a Day-of Coordinator for the wedding... There is going to be so so much going on... and the last thing that I want is for me and my mom to worry about it all on that day! Last night I went and met with Watermark Weddings, and I could not even believe everything that they will take care of! I was honestly shocked and surprised about all of the stuff that we were forgetting about... So anyone who is thinking about having a day of coordinator, go and meet with them!

On to the music...
I am so greatful for my wonderful family who is playing music at the ceremony! My cousin Sam, the Trumpet Genious will be playing at the ceremony! This will be so special to me and everyone in the family to hear him play... I know that I am going to cry my eyes out as soon as the first note hits and my Daddy walks me down the aisle...
Also Billy is playing at the wedding as well... for those of you that have not been to one of the Grigsby Family Thanksgiving parties, Billy is a musical genious! Hopefully the Organist at the Church will allow all of this music to be played! Fingers crossed...

I know that my blog posts are a little random... but that is just me. I am just so excited to share the news with everyone that it all kinda comes out at once!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Last night my mom and I went to meet with The Frosted Pumpkin to sample and look at a few cake designs. We had their cake at a good friends wedding a few years ago and thought that it was the best cake that we have ever had! She gave me their name and they just so happen to be the preferred vendor at the country club where our reception is being held!
All of the cakes were wonderful and beautiful. I was so excited to bring home samples of the cakes that we picked out that I didn't wait for the new samples that they gave us to thaw all the way out for JM to try! I was so excited to have him try the cakes that I loved... He had a few bites of the semi-thawed cakes and wasn't as excited as I had hoped for! Hopefully the thawed cake will more to his liking tonight!

check out some of their cakes at

I am so excited to say that we have 143 days until our wedding... and I love JM more and more everyday! It is crazy to think that we met on a blind date a year from the day we got engaged!
I cannot wait!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A wonderful long weekend!

I had the best time this weekend. We did not have a wedding to go to and we got so much done!
Friday was great! I was told that we could leave the office at 2! I was so excited to miss Atlanta traffic on a holiday weekend that I sprinted out the door right at 2. I went home and got all of our 'Save the Date' envelopes labeled and stuffed. I thought that it was going to be an "all night long" project and it only took me 2 hours!
JM got home just in time for me to be finishing up... But he went to work on the tile backsplash in the kitchen, and I got to lay on the couch and get some good TV time in and went to the kitchen to see how it was going once in a while...
Saturday was the day that I had been waiting for for months- but I will get to that later...
We went to the gym first thing. (We have been trying to do this more and more often- and it makes me feel great all day!) When we were on the way home we remembered that there was a garage sale going on across the street. I have been looking for some chairs for our formal living room (it currently has a pool table in it- but the beer signs are gone), so I was hoping that maybe they had one good one. We got there and introduced ourselves (Is it sad that they live two doors down and have never met them?), and out of the corner of my eye I spotted two chairs that looked perfect for the living room, after recovering them of course! Then she told us that she had another chair in her room that she didnt bring down yet. We followed her up and I took one look at the chair and knew it had great potential! Plus is matches the one that JM's wonderful momma gave us a few weeks ago!
So we got all 3 chairs... and only spent $70!!!! I was so excited because they have a chair that is very very similar at an antique store across from my office for a few hundred $!

BUT that is not even why I was so excited about this Saturday... I was so excited about this Saturday in particular because MY WEDDING DRESS IS HERE!!!! I met my mom and MOH (the best MOH in the world, Kerry) at the bridal shop and tried it all on... Shoes, crinoline the whole nine yards! I truely felt like a princess right then and there. I have never been so excited to wear something in my entire life! OF course I can not share a single detail because JM is reading as well...but I can tell you that I cannot wait to see his face as I walk down that aisle! As Kerry says the dress is "show stoppin'"

After the Bridal Shop we headed over to Buckhead to have lunch at Cafe Niko. We decided that is where the Bridal Luncheon will be... not only because the food is great, but the Bloody Mary's are to die for!
Then we picked out the Wedding invitations! They are beautiful- but you will have to wait see them!

Saturday night JM went to a Brave's Game (Go Bravos!) and I had the house all to myself... I read and watched some girl-y TV!
Saturday could not have been a more perfect day!

Sunday JM went to another Brave's game with my PaPa, dad, and brother. And I got to hang out with Kerry again! We hung out all day on the couch and it was just like old times!
Sunday night we relaxed and went to bed early again!

Monday was an eventful day! We woke up and went back to the gym and then came home to finish the rest of the backsplash! IT IS DONE!!!! HE put the grout on... or in the crackes... I dont know how to word that the right way, but I wiped it all off... IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Next step is the tile floor... However I am not sure if we are going to do that ourselves or not now... might be easier to just hire someone. We will see...
Monday night we went out for a Mexican dinner with a group of neighborhood friends! I am so excited that we have two great couples that live with in a mile of us!

Sorry for such a long post, but really I could not have had a better weekend and just had to share it with you!