Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am so glad that today is Friday!
So only a few things to blog about today...

We got ANOTHER wedding invitation in the mail the other day... so NOW we have 11 to attend and #12 will be our own! I cannot be invited to another wedding this year! I just cannot! That will make ours #13! Of course the #13 doesnt mean a thing to me, but still it is adding up quick!

We finally booked the Rehersal Dinner spot and I cannot wait! It is exactly what JM wanted and I know that he is really really excited about it! To be honest I am even more excited about the BBQ that we will be having! The space is absolutly beautiful as well! Great job McCracken Clan- it is wonderful and everything that we could have hoped for!

Also this week we decided that we will have a Day-of Coordinator for the wedding... There is going to be so so much going on... and the last thing that I want is for me and my mom to worry about it all on that day! Last night I went and met with Watermark Weddings, and I could not even believe everything that they will take care of! I was honestly shocked and surprised about all of the stuff that we were forgetting about... So anyone who is thinking about having a day of coordinator, go and meet with them!

On to the music...
I am so greatful for my wonderful family who is playing music at the ceremony! My cousin Sam, the Trumpet Genious will be playing at the ceremony! This will be so special to me and everyone in the family to hear him play... I know that I am going to cry my eyes out as soon as the first note hits and my Daddy walks me down the aisle...
Also Billy is playing at the wedding as well... for those of you that have not been to one of the Grigsby Family Thanksgiving parties, Billy is a musical genious! Hopefully the Organist at the Church will allow all of this music to be played! Fingers crossed...

I know that my blog posts are a little random... but that is just me. I am just so excited to share the news with everyone that it all kinda comes out at once!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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