Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picture Recap!

So here are a ton of pictures that I never uploaded!!!! Sorry I am such a mess! We have been to been to SEVEN weddings so far this year... and we have been planning our own as well! We have 3 left to go before our own!!! I cannot wait to share all of the details... but that will happen in November (which seems so far away!) after the wedding!
So since I am not good at posting pictures AT ALL on any website the only way that I know how to do them is to them all at once... I cannot figure out how to put a caption on each one... SO if you do know then HELP!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 days and counting!

So today marks 100 days until our wedding! and let me tell you, I CANNOT WAIT!
I feel like we have most everything planned or we at least have it on the list of To Do's. We just did the invitations and they are the most beautiful invitations I have ever seen!!! They are so elegant, super traditional, and really plain! I would post a picture, but I dont want to ruin the surprise!

So let me do a little recap of this past week... and I will post all the pictures tonight or maybe tomorrow. JM has my camera because he sent a guy some pictures of the pool table we are selling!!!! I hope that this guy wants it...
So last week I posted about my favorite summer thing... tomatoes! and I have had at least one a day since then!
Saturday morning I got up super early and drove to Marietta to meet my mom to go to the Farmer's Market in the Marietta Square! Everyone was so so wonderful and let me take pictures of their wonderful produce and even a few pictures of them too!!!! I promised everyone that I would put up links to their websites if they have them. BUT OF COURSE I forget the camera today so I can post some pictures.
When we first got there we went straight over to Dan the Tomato Man!!! I just love love love him and his wonderful wife! They could not have been a nicer couple! Their tomatoes are the BEST I have ever had in my life! I have made tomato pie and had tomato sandwiches for the past week and I will never get sick of them.
On the list of what we got at the market was...( I am sorry if I don't remember everyone names, but they will be in the pictures that I post later!)
Blackberries form Marietta
Peaches from GA
Bacon from a farm in Avondale (of course ate this on BLT's Sunday night! picture of that too!)
Banana peppers
Jalapeno Pesto- this is from Hope's Garden and it is by far the best pesto I have ever had!

and a few more goodies that I have taken pictures of as well!
Tonight I will try to post all of the pictures that I took (with their permission of course!) and even give out a wonderful recipe as well... Tomato Pie!

Monday night we had a little dinner party at the house with JM's family! Uncle Danny and Aunt Susie are in town from Australia!!! Also their son (JM's cousin) Drew and his beautiful new bride Amie were on their honeymoon in the US! We had everyone over to have steak sandwiches, fish tacos, and tomato pie! Little random menu, but everyone loves the fish taco's that JM makes and the steak sandwiches we saw on Food Network on night and just had to make them too! For dessert, JM made is wonderful Creme Brule! He really is the master chef! Since we both love to cook and entertain this was so much fun to have everyone over for a big family dinner! We had 12 over for dinner! (Picture to come of course!)

The rest of the week we have been laying pretty low... and I have been eating tomatoes!

I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday!

Promise to post pictures soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is in the air and the fruit is plentiful!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone has had a great week... and that you will have a better weekend!
Last night I was invited to the future Mrs. Woolley's (Amber) house for dinner! Amber and Matt just got engaged on June 16th, 2010, and they have already begun the planning... and that is why some girls were invited over for dinner! She asked all of us to stand up by her side as she marries the love of her life, Matt. AKA- asked us to be Bridesmaids in her wedding! Let me tell you this girl is on it! She already has the wedding planned! The wedding will be in Mexico on April 1, 2011! I am so excited to be in the wedding- AND get to go to Mexico! Now that I think about it... Amber is this why you made Mexican for dinner? ALSO- I will be getting you a cutting board and some knives... Dollar Store knives will be trashed!
Also a shout of to my girl Rachel Young! CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement as well!!!
Love really is in the air!

On to the fruit!
You might be wondering why I have tomatoes on the top of this blog... Well tomatoes are a fruit. AND I am obsessed! I have been craving good, summer, home grown tomatoes for weeks!!! My Mom had some yummy tomatoes over the 4th of July and since then I have had nothing but tomatoes on my mind!
This week JM's whole family has been out of town and we were able to go over to his Uncle's house to pick some tomatoes! Only the grape tomatoes were ready and for every 5 we picked I ate 2 while in the process! But this is not what I am craving...
I want a huge fat juicy tomato! And tomorrow morning I will get my fix! Mom is taking me to see the "Tomato Guy" who will be at the Marietta Square for the weekend farmers market. I might get 10 or 20 tomatoes! I have so many recipes that must have tomatoes in them to make... Tomato pie, tomato sandwiches, BLT's.. I could write a book!
Is it sad that I am so excited about tomatoes I can hardly wait to go to sleep tonight because I will be that much closer to having my tomatoes!
BUT First is a long overdue GIRLS NIGHT OUT! and tonight we are celebrating Beth's Birthday!!!!

One more thing! as requested by a few of the girls at Amber's house last night I will be doing some blogging on cooking, baking, and all food relating things! There will be some new, some old, and some I have never tried! I will make sure to have pictures as well! They will be up on Tuesday's! Gotta think of a name for Tuesday's new blog! Tasty Tuesdays perhaps!

Sorry the posts are always so long! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Hair Color, and of course... Weddings!

So today I really didnt have much to say... But I know that I do hate Monday's. For soem reason I am a little more tired on Modany morning than any other day! I cannot even think about getting out of bed before 7:15, even with JM's countless efforts to get me up, even the threat of dragging me out of the bed by my ankles doesn't phase me anymore. The weekends really just take it all out of me!
And this weekend, just like almost every other weekend in the McCracken/ Grigsby House we left for a wedding! (Side note- I cannot wait to just say McCracken House!)
This weekend's wedding was in Macon, GA! It was beautiful! Everything from the church to all of the details at the reception were stunning! The new married couple, Laura (beautiful Bride!) and Tim (dashing Groom) made a beatiful couple! Even though it rained a little, everything was wonderful- even the Jamacian Rum Punch that I had all night!
Now that I think about it the rum could be another contributing factor to my Monday hatred...

On to hair color... tonight I am going to the salon to get a little highlight touch up... these roots are getting straight up trashy! and I am in desperate need of a trim! I never cut my hair anymore and to be honest you could color my hair purple (again) and I would welcome that- BUT a bad hair cut to me is so much worse... Once the hair starts falling to the ground (even if it is just s centimeter) I start to tear up! I think that it stems back to a time in highschool when I did one of those "hair make over" things! She cut like 7 inches off all in one slice! I cried instantly, like a two year old! So I admit I have a problem about cutting my hair... but today is the day to have another centimeter cut off- its all about baby steps right?

and one last thing... and everyone PLEASE COMMENT as I am lost on this one!!!!
So JM and I have been trying to figure out what the last song at our wedding will be... I dont want it to be some cheezy "last dance song" that you might hear at a prom! BUt at the same time he has proposed a Lil' Wayne song, a Beasty Boys song, AND a Queen song. I CANNOT imagine the last thing that we dance to on that special night to be "we are the champions" ... I mean really??? Everyone please let me know what you think! All that he keeps saying is "Babe, it's all about compromise!" Well last time I checked compromise is NOT me dancing to "Fight for your right to party" by Beasty boys either!!!!!

I guess it is just another "Manic Monday"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had the best weekend! AND it was wedding-free!

on Friday night we went to the Brave's game, and they won in the 11Th inning! It was a great game! We got some great tickets and went went with some great friends, the Fosters. We had a blast and the win made the Friday night fireworks that much better!

Saturday we went to the lake with my family all day long! That night we had the most amazing BLT's in the world... there really is nothing better then a fresh summer tomato!

Sunday we went back to the lake for some more fun! The Fosters came along for the ride too!
We rode around and all the boys got on the tube- JM is still sore today! That night we docked at a good family friends house and watched the fireworks show! The fireworks this year were amazing! The show went on for 30 minutes!

Since it was a 3-day weekend... we had Monday off as well! We slept in and did some home projects! We are getting our laundry room organized! Some shelving and storage bins (to hide the mess of course) for organization.... I cannot wait until it is all said and done! It might actually make laundry fun... or at least not as painful as it normally is....
I promise to post some pictures of the house one day... but right now the kitchen is not finished... and we are still looking for a buyer of a wonderful pool table!!!!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!!