Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer... It is hot here. Going to be in the triple digits this weekend. There will be a naked baby at the lake and I will have a cold drink in hand for sure! This morning I decided to fire up the laptop and start writing again. After a long hiatus, I think it is best to come back and read this blog from beginning to end. I realize that this place hold so many memories... and I want and need to continue writing for me, JM and Viv. BUT I think that it is time for a new name for this place. My Crack in the Grigsby Life is no longer relevant... It is more about Life as a McCracken... Well when I figure out how to change it with the new Blogger I will come up with a cute new name. But for now... Here are some pics of us that I dont want to forget. Ever.
How cute is she? I mean really... I am completely bias, but I just think that she is the cutest thing EVER. I love her little scrunch face smile. Now to get out the big girl camera and start using all of these "tips" I keep on pinning on Pinterest! Chip and Caroline come in town next week and I cannot even wait to see them! So very glad to be back. Happy Friday Ya'll! xoxo

Monday, March 12, 2012

I wish....

That there was more time in one day. I really do.

Especially because SPRING is right around the corner! I cannot wait for Viv to see the Easter Eggs, the flowers, new life, warmer weather, and most of all being outside!

So I did not keep my promise of writing more. I know, I should have. But in all honesty, I have been having WAY more fun just playing with our girl. She is at this fun stage where she smiles and throws her head back with her silent laugh all the time. She will reach out and grab your face and bring it close to hers. She smiles all the time, and rarely cries. Unless you are taking too long to get her bottle ready. Not to mention she is getting cuter by the day. Maybe even hour. (I am pretty sure that every parent in the world thinks that of their own child.)

Weekends have been filled with friendly get togethers, showers, and home projects. My weekdays, I clean, play with Viv, see my parents and JM's family, and run errands. I go grocery shopping all the time. (I am always missing one ingredient, which turns into getting 10 things!)

Life has been wonderful. I really have nothing to complain about. I even started a diet two weeks ago. Which really is more of a lifestyle change. Very clean eating, salt and sugar free as well. I have never felt better, happier or more active. 10 Pounds down so far. High School skinny here I come. (Well maybe not that skinny, but close!) We go to the beach in May, and I hope to have lost 30 lbs by then. And by this time next year I want that total weight loss to be 50lbs. This is a serious lifestyle change, and so far, my skin is brighter, hair shinier, and I have not had a single headache! I feel amazing... I WILL keep this up.

ONe of my favorite times of day now is our night time routine. From the second that JM walks into the door to the time we pass out at night are by far my favorite. Viv gets dinner at the table, then bath time, bottle and bed. Half the time she passes out in the middle of her nighttime bottle. Then we are FREEEEEE to have some much needed adult time. We have been talking about putting a deck on the back of the house and a few other projects as well.... Then I am sure we will be done with the home projects for a while....

WE will be helping my parents on a little project of theirs. I am calling it "Project Two K Club". They bought a Lake House on Lake Alatoona. It needs a lot of love. And bleach. The house has some serious sentimental value for my Dad. His Uncle Paul built it over 50 years ago. HIs father, my grandfather, built the first house and his brother Paul built the second house in the "K Club". My Dad grew up going to the lake in the summer with all of his friends and family. I am sure he and his friends have some wild stories form the "days of the K Club" (I am looking forward to hearing them as well!). So the house is back in the Grigsby Family... I am sure that the 4th of July is going to be a blast!
They close on the house on Wednesday night. Me, Viv, and my Mom are headed there this Thursday with a box of massive trash bags to clean it all out! The previous owners left almost all of the furniture, everything in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, deck.... THe list goes on. But step one: take the trash OUT! It is going to be beautiful Thursday here. They are saying a high of 78. I cannot wait!
I am going to take before, during and after pics because I know that my dad will love to have those!
I am even more excited for Viv to go to the lake in the summer! She loves the water in the bath tub, I just HOPE that she does in the lake too. They have already gotten a life jacket, red wagon, and toys galore set aside for Miss Priss to have at the lake.

BUT first we go to the beach in May...

Now to go switch the laundry, clean the house, and get this place ready for the weekend! We are hosting a Triple Baby Shower on Sunday! We are so excited that all of our closest friends are having babies! Vivi will have plenty of playmates soon enough. One Girl, One Boy, and One we have yet to find out! The parents are waiting... So excited for them! It will be so special when they find out when their baby is born this JUNE!

Something is wrong with my Blogger right now and I cannot upload photos.... I will have to post some soon!

Now to get to the hour shake down, while nap time is still going on!

I hope that everyone is doing well!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nap Time.

Nap time is when I can finally get stuff done. And by stuff...naturally I mean everything I used to do on a daily basis.

For instance, I used to do laundry, straighten the kitchen, start with dinner all in one night... Hell I had a career. A real, big girl, full time job! and I got all of that done after a full days work.

Now this sweet baby girl takes up every waking ( and even sleeping) moment!

I was going to try to update you on our past 3 and a half months of figuring out being parents, learning the ropes, the countless number of smiles, new tears of joy, new fears, and new routines... But that would take such a long post... And nap time is all I have. Plus every time I go to do something for myself- she knows and decides that she is going to wake up and want to go on a walk.

Vivi is great, and motherhood really is a dream. I am so incredibly thankful that I am able to stay home with our girl... This week I would have been my second week back to work. She will he 14 weeks tomorrow (4 months on the 18th) and I honestly do not know if I could have done it. Gone back to work that is..

I know that most moms do return to the workforce because they want to and out of necessity, but I feel so blessed and thankful that I am able to be here for everything. It was a decision we had made a long time ago for me to stay home. I had a great job, but I knew that this is what I was meant to do. I am not trying to start a debate on working mom vs stay at home moms. There isn't a right or wrong, it is what's best for your family. This just happens to work best for us.

With me staying home, part of me thinks that I should be able to do it ALL... Pull on my invisible cape and be able to calm crying eyes, get rid of her pain of cutting a tooth ( yes Viv is getting a tooth VERY early!) get laundry done, folded and put away. To be able to keep a spotless house, floors always vacuumed, and even dinner on the stove by the time JM comes home. But that is not how I roll. At all.

Usually we wake up for a bottle at 6. Then back down for a little nap- I could get stuff done then, but no. I usually pull Viv in the bed with me to sleep for an hour or two. Then it is time to laugh and sing and dance. Umm not Viv, me. That is what I do be get her to smile while I am making a cup of coffee ( in love with my Kuerig!) and making a bottle at the same time. I used to watch Live with Kelly at 9. Last week Viv starting hating the show. Turns out she loves Sesame Street. So we watch that... Hey don't judge, I must have my coffee to function now, and she will sit calmly in her MaMa Roo and laugh at Elmo. ( it is the only show she watches besides football of course)

After that we usually do tummy time or we read a book. It's different everyday. Sometimes she just wants to be held close for a nap or wants to 'talk' to me. Today it is be held and take nap while I type this on our iPad. Then JM comes home for lunch to see his baby girl. It's so nice having his job 3 miles from the house! Then it is Viv's lunchtime followed by nap time or errands with mommy. Somedays, a lot of days, we don't leave the house. We do actually get laundry done, we do actually get the kitchen straightened, or we do get dinner started.

I am learning how to pull out that cape and get it done. And learning to also accept that it might not all get done and that it is ok. Another lesson I have learned is to ask for help. My mom, JMs mom, his sisters... Whoever can come over for a while to help with Viv is great! Even if it is an hour. It helps my sanity as well as it helps me get this place clean. Or gives me the time to sew a bib!
Yes I have dusted off the sewing machine and am makin bibs and burp cloths!

But my favorite time of day is when JM is home for the night and we just love on our girls. Yes girls... The cats still need attention too!

This week is a busy one. Getting the house painted. The whole outside- brick and all. We are also having the painters paint the master and sealing and painting the basement. The "ManCave" will be done so soon! JM cannot wait I am sure!
I actually did take before pictures... and we have a TON of other projects coming up too....
Hardwoods on the stairs, painting the hall upstairs and adding a gallery wall up there too!

I know I never posted a New Years Resolution or goals post either... To be honest I am not making them this year. I fail every. single. year. SO this year is to be in the moment, put the phone down more often, and love my family with everything I have got.

I hope the everyone has enjoyed this post.... I enjoyed writing it. Now to go get Vivi up.
Nap time seems to be over.