Tuesday, September 20, 2011

34 weeks and 3 days...

How far along?: 34 weeks and 3 days!

*Total weight gain?: Well... since I lost close to 15 lbs in the beginning.... I really am only up a little since the starting weight.

*How big is baby?: According to Babycenter.com 18 inches long and 4 3/4 pounds...

*Sex: Sugar and Spice and Everything nice! That's what little girls are made of!

*Maternity clothes: I am ONLY in maternity clothes.... T-shirts and maternity jeans every day! Oh and my feet are too swollen for anything but this one pair of black flip flops!

*Stretch marks: Looks like a tiger got me. BUT as soon as they come they fade... I just keep oiling up.... I finally accepted that there is nothing in the world I can do to prevent them. IF they are going to happen they will, and the only way to get ride of them short of lasers and a tummy tuck is to just accept them for what they are. Battle scars on the road to motherhood.

*Sleep: Not good. Not good at all.... Vivi thinks that my sides are punching bags and a treadmill. She is most active at night.... I sleep for an hour or two at a time then get up to go to the bathroom and chug more water. I am constantly thirsty... AND ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom.

*Symptoms: Fat feet, sore hips..... REALLY sore hips! Waking up to numb hands kinda sucks.

*Movement: Yes, she is a mover and a shaker! BIG TIME! IF I eat anything sweet then she will go crazy... Most movement is at night.

*Food cravings: Not really anything lately...I feel like Im not as hungry lately. Just VERY cold and juicy fruit, cereal, and more cold and juicy fruit.

*Labor signs: Having some period type cramps occationally and also some Lightning/sharp pains in the cervical area....which I read means things are progressing! I get checked for the forst time next week and I am scared... What if she wants to come now? I am not ready for her just yet! Ultrasound in two weeks to see what is going on...

*Belly button in or out: Flat-ish... At night after I eat and am full... it wants to come out. I want it to stay in.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles... I do miss having a Coors Light. Classy right? I mean it is football season... I missed it at the lake this summer as well... I thought I would miss wine- but really? I don't miss it at all.

*What I'm looking forward to: Dr. Appt. this Friday... After this one we go to once a week appointments!

*Best moment of the week: I got an AWESOME package from my dear friend in Canada!!! She sent me some awesome loose leaf tea, salsa, and enen a scrapbook of me and JM! IT was a craft project she had on her blog! It is too awesome! Will be sharing pics soon!
Last week was getting my hair done.... this week will be going back to have it fixed. Boo.... I asked for the newest trend... Ombre highlights.... (Thinks Sarah Jessica Parker darker roots, with brighter ends! Very low maintenance....) well there is not enough blonde at the ends! SAD! It looks good, but not what I wanted. HEy if I had the gift certificate then I am going to get what I want right?

So that is what is going on this week...
That and I had a breakdown today. I have not had any serious freak outs until today...
Today I went to Kroger after having lunch with my Grandparents and my Great Aunt Bunny... (Hey Papa! Thank you for the Chinese!) I went to get stamps so I can mail out the thank you notes I wrote LAST WEEK! I have been to the store 3 times for stamps and keep forgetting them...
Today I forgot them again! AND they didnt have JM's favorite yogurt either.
SO when I called JM to ask him to please stop and get them both... I CRIED. Like a baby. I cried all the way down Peachtree Rd. Then I cried when I saw a Pampers commercial when I got home!You know the one I am talking about... I cannot see that commercial without tearing up. Today it was all out boo-hoo tears.

It was terrible. I dont even know why I cried... Because there was not yogurt and that I forgot the stamps? Or because I just want for Vivi to get here? Yup I am thinking that is it... and the hormones are taking over.
I am hot, tired, and sore. But I woudlnt trade it for the world right now. I am so excited that she is going to be here before we know it!

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful week!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Winner, a Discount, and a few pictures!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you so much to those of you that participated in the Give Away from Adorable Banner Co!
Since there were 4 wonderful commenters on the last post... I had JM pick a number 1-4.

Drum roll please.....

And the winner is commenter #2 Snoopymeg- Meghan... we are so excited about your wedding in a few days! Now before your wedding, I hope that you check this blog! Please visit Adorbale Banner Co's Etsy Shop and email me what color towel and what you would like the monogram to be. You can pick ANYTHING for it to say! It could even say "Go Dawgs" if you are cheering on UGA... in our house it would be "Go Eagles" for GA Southern!

So excited for you Meghan! Email me at kmccracken1030@gmail.com to claim your prize!!!

*****THIS JUST IN! **UPDATE** Trixie, the owner and creator of Adorable Banner Co. just emailed me to tell me that if you would like to receive 10% off your order use the code word MCCRACKEN. Her entire boutique is perfect for thoughtful gifts! I love the towels, banners... all of it! Submit your orders now the discount won't last long!******

So since today is Friday and I am in an excellent mood I am going to share a few pictures!

My dear friend Caroline cave over last Friday to hang out and have breakfast with me and we did a few Maternity Shots! She is an excellent photographer... and we always have SO much to talk about I swear we could talk for 3 days straight! We have such similar taste as well. Next time we are going to have a Pinterest Party... More on that next week.

Today I had a great Dr's appointment! I will have one more appointment in two weeks before I drop down to once a week... crazy! I cannot believe how fast time flies... Vivi will be here so soon. And there is STILL so much left to do and set up!

I have learned that nesting is a serious thing.... and it is making me a crazy person... more on that next week too.

For now I have to get back to putting my feet up and relaxing. PLUS we are celebrating this weekend... My dearest husband, JM is having a BIRTHDAY come Monday so we must celebrate all. weekend. long! That is the rule... it is now his Birthday Weekend... the weekend where I don't complain about baseball or football and I cook whatever he wants! and I cannot WAIT to give him his Birthday Gift... More on that next week as well...

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First Give Away!!!

So today is the day... My first ever Give Away!

I am so happy that Trixie with Adorable Banner Co. has asked me to host a give away! Now I know that everyone just had their last fun at the pools and beaches this past weekend... but we are giving away a Monogrammed Beach Towel. These make great gifts or even keep it for yourself! This way you will be ready to hit the beach first thing next summer- or even if you take a winter get-away to the beach.
The towels are the finest quality beach towels and can be monogrammed with whatever you want.
If it were me I would want one with Vivi's name on it! LOL!

So here is how it works to enter...

1. Follow my blog and comment letting my know that you already follow or that you are a new follower.

2. Tweet about this give away and comment on my blog letting me know that you did (make sure to use my twitter name as well @kmccracken1030)

3. Facebook! Post about this give away and comment here to let me know about it!

Right there you have 3 chances to win!

To make this a little more fun... in your comment, let me know what you are looking forward to this fall!

I am so excited about cooler weather, all of the fall smells and decorations returning to this house, and we are MOST excited about the arrival of Vivienne!!!! We cannot even wait to meet her!

The drawing will be done on Friday this week so you have until Friday at NOON (EST)! After that we will get the towel to you as fast as possible!

I hope that everyone is having a great Tuesday and that everyone had a long and safe Labor Day Weekend!

Good Luck everyone!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

Well I promised I would be back this week (sometime) and that I had a few announcements...

The first is that on Tuesday I will be hosting my First Give Away! I am still ironing out a few details since this is my first one of course... But I do know that the "prize" is AWESOME.
Remember back when I shared about my cousin's new Etsy Shop? Adorable Banner Co.
Well she is the one that I am doing the give away with!

Check out her site Adorable Banner Company- it is great for gift giving!!! And check back on Tuesday when I start the give away! It will end with a winner on Friday!

The second thing is that this morning I had some maternity shots taken... Pics to post next week! A wonderful friend Caroline took them this morning in Dunwoody and I hope that they turn out great! So excited to see them and post a few here!

The third is that we have come up with a name for our little girl. I was not sure if we should announce it in any special way? With a picture? With something cute?
I am still lost on this one. And I am lost on if I should even announce it.
I see where if someone were to want to monogram it for a shower, or if someone were just dying to know... but all of them know the name.
So here it goes. Nothing fancy here...

Her name is Vivienne Charles McCracken. We will call her Vivi for short. We loved that Vivienne is much a classic name (I have always loved that name since I was little!) then Charles is for my Dad and my Brother! Two of my bestest friends in the whole world. We also decided when we were in Charleston that our baby really was a girl (before we found out) that this would be her name.
I have heard the name once before, but then again we all got our names from somewhere... Plus it is not a name that she will hear a lot growing up.
Katie was a VERY popular name when I was born and I remember having like 3 or 4 Katie's in classes... I am sure that Vivi will not have another Vivi in her class. Well I guess you just never know.
We cannot wait to meet her! I cannot even stand it anymore I want to meet and hold her so bad- but a few more weeks and she will be here.

Well what news do you have? Anything interesting???
Next week will be the Give Away and a lot of pictures. Hopefully VIvi's bedding will be done and I can show that off! YAY!

OH and PS.... there is no pink in the nursery incase you are wondering. She will wear a ton of pink clothes I am sure, but I am not about to redo a nursery if the next "one" is a boy... So no pink. Just not my style.

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day Weekend! We will be at the Lake or at the Pool! But now I must get the floors clean... Time for the "shake down" before JM gets home from work!