Sunday, October 2, 2011

Becoming more real...

I know that I am a terrible blogger. There has just been too much going on this past week and a half to post.

Well lets start with off with a little update.
I am now 36 weeks pregnant. Or That is what I thought that I was... I went to the Doctor two weeks ago (right after my last post) and she moved my due date up a bit to the 25th. I, meaning Vivi, was measuring a little big....

Then this past week we had an ultrasound as well as a weekly appointment.

I have one big baby growing inside of me! She is measuring at 6.8 lbs... and also measuring earlier. Moved my due date to October 22. So we talked about an induction. We now know the date that Miss Vivi will be born!!! October 18th will be her birthday!
This is also my brother Chip's Birthday! She is named after my dad and him- Vivienne Charles.

But during that ultrasound they also noticed that while my fluid was " in the normal range"... it was in the "very low normal range" , so I have to have another ultrasound on the 11th. Hey- sounds great to me! I like getting to see her! I have been instructed to take it even easier and drink a lot more water. I dont know how that is even possible to drink any more water than I already am! I feel like I am going to just float away!

So now for a little update! I am sorry that some of them are the same as last post- but the strtech marks, I mean battle wounds, are still there... and the belly button is still flat.

How far along?: 38 weeks! I have 15 days left... unless she decides to come earlier!

*Total weight gain?: Well... since I lost close to 15 lbs in the beginning.... I really am only up a little since the starting weight. And I think that I have hit the max... I had no gain for the past two weeks- or maybe it will all show up on the scale this week? I hope not!

*How big is baby?: According to my ultrasound 6.8 lbs... says 6.8 lbs and over 19 1/2 inches long!

*Sex: Sugar and Spice and Everything nice! That's what little girls are made of!

*Maternity clothes: I am ONLY in maternity clothes.... T-shirts and maternity jeans every day! Oh and my feet are too swollen for anything but this one pair of black flip flops!

*Stretch marks: Looks like a tiger got me. BUT as soon as they come they fade... I just keep oiling up.... I finally accepted that there is nothing in the world I can do to prevent them. IF they are going to happen they will, and the only way to get ride of them short of lasers and a tummy tuck is to just accept them for what they are. Battle scars on the road to motherhood.

*Sleep: Not good. Not good at all.... Vivi thinks that my sides are punching bags and a treadmill. She is most active at night.... I sleep for an hour or two at a time then get up to go to the bathroom and chug more water. I am constantly thirsty... AND ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom.

*Symptoms: Fat feet, sore hips..... REALLY sore hips! Waking up to numb hands is getting worse.

*Movement: Yes, she is a mover and a shaker! BIG TIME! IF I eat anything sweet then she will go crazy... Most movement is at night.

*Food cravings: Not really anything lately...I feel like Im not as hungry lately. Just VERY cold and juicy fruit, cereal, and more cold and juicy fruit.

*Labor signs: Having some period type cramps occationally and also some Lightning/sharp pains in the cervical area....which I read means things are progressing! I was checked at my Dr... and NOTHING. So really they are just Braxton Hicks contractions! However this weekend it looks as if I have "dropped"....

*Belly button in or out: Flat-ish... At night after I eat and am full... it wants to come out. I want it to stay in.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles... I do miss having a Coors Light. Classy right? I mean it is football season... I missed it at the lake this summer as well... I thought I would miss wine- but really? I don't miss it at all. That was last week. This week I still miss Coors Light.

*What I'm looking forward to: Dr. Appt. this Friday... This Friday is also my Dad's birthday AND my wonderful sister-in-law Rachel's Birthday!!

*Best moment of the week: My wonderful Shower!!!! It was absolutely perfect! My Windsor Oaks Mama's are the best! It was so very girly and just perfect. We got everything we needed and more! There were so many beautiful handmade sweaters, hats, and blankets- Those women are talented!
Now to write a ton of Thank You notes tomorrow- and yes I already have the stamps! Picture to come on the shower!
Today we went shopping for the rest of the essentials and ran in to a great couple who gave us some of the BEST advice on what to get and not to get! INstead of the swing that I really really wanted we went with a MamaRoo.... It is the coolest thing I have ever seen and I really would like one for myself. I mean it even has an iPod/ iPhone adaptor. Yes that is right. SO that she can also listen to music off of there! It seriously looks like something from the Jetson's, but it is AWESOME.

Coming up this week I am going to start the washing process. I have my Dreft and I am ready to use it! From blankets, to towels, sheets, and CLOTHES. It all has to get done. As I write this JM is installing the car seat... today he set up the video monitor, set up the carseat adaptor for our stroller. He has also assembled, added batteries, and also is going to hang stuff on the walls tonight! He is so excited because it is all becoming so real. Vivi will be here SO SOON.
And at the same time. I still have no clue what we will do once we bring her home! It will all come naturally right? I have read books on what to do, and I know that I will just "get it"... that or I will be calling my mom and MIL to come right over!

This week I am going to do a post on the nursery! Everything is in there! It is done. And I cannot wait to show everyone! It is my absolute dream nursery... and I cannot wait for you to see it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!