Monday, June 27, 2011

NYC... and a few days at the hospital...

So where do I begin?
The last two weekend have been very interesting and to be honest the exact opposite from each other.

June 16th, the day after my birthday we went to NYC to see my brother Chip and his wonderful girlfriend Caroline! My dad and I flew up there to meet my mom and brother Will for a long weekend for some family time. JM was having a guys weekend in Atlanta!

We walked all over the city and shopped for our little baby girl like crazy. She has got some beautiful new things to wear when she gets here! Including this little number that Carline (and Chip too) got for her!

I promise I will send a picture of her in it to you for your wall.

We ate at our favorite place in Little Italy: Florio's and then went to my favorite Ferrara Bakery...

These are my two favorite things... A Blueberry tartlet and a Chocolate mousse chimney (Ok I don't know how they really spell that... but it is AWESOME!)

We went to FAO Schwartz one day as well. And I found this for baby girl...

That is right- it is a Barbie Foosball Table. For only $25,000 She could have this wonderful thing! HAHAHA!!! That place was a mad house, but really I wish that I could have gotten her a life size stuffed animal. Not that we have room for that or anything... but it would be cool!

Sunday we left and I was swollen, exhausted, and was SO excited to see JM. It was so nice to be home and in bed that night. He had the biggest surprise for me ever when I got home! He had started the nursery and almost got it finished... I will have to do a whole separate post on that! It is absolutely beautiful...

Then Tuesday rolled around...
Tuesday morning I was talking to my friend and co-worker Erica (thought you might like that shout out!) about how she had hurt her back... and we were exchanging stories... Just normal Tuesday banter after talking business. She mentioned how one of her friends got e.coli in the hospital after she delivered and was a nightmare... Was a terrible story, but so glad that it had a happy ending. Everyone was healthy and back to normal.

Later Tuesday by back started to hurt... I just though I pulled it or turned the wrong way. By that night I could barely move. Then around 3:30 am I was crying I was in so much pain and JM was helping me in and out of bed so I could go to the bathroom. (because you go about 5 times a night!)
Wednesday I couldn't get out of bed so I stayed home from work. I called the nurse at my OB and left a few messages. I really didn't think that it was too much to worry about until I took my temperature because I thought I had a fever. It was 101. Shit.
Then I called the "Emergency only" line... and then called JM crying after they just had told me it could be much worse and to head over to Northside Hospital in the Labor and Delivery Unit. Double Shit.

I get there. Takes FOREVER to sign all papers and get a room. I get checked out and find out that I have a very extreme case of "Pylo" what we all know as a Kidney Infection... which was brought on by e.Coli. REALLY?
I was handed a gown, got an I.V. in my hand, and had to record all urine samples. FOR 72 HOURS.
We thought that I would be in and out... a bag of fluid, an antibiotic... Umm no. We are talking many pills, a pain pump, shots, getting woken up every 2 hours to check my vitals and baby girls vitals as well...

We were told we would be leaving Friday by my Dr and another woman Dr in the practice. Then a male Dr (who I will not write his name on my blog) who is an asshole, tapped on my back Friday morning, which still was hurting, and my knees went weak. He said that I will be in there another day and when JM asked a question- because the other Dr's have all said I would be discharged Friday morning... He snapped at JM said "this is not about you is it" and then left the room. I started crying. Hysterically. I had a break down that day.... It was terrible. They had to sedate me... again nightmare.
AND I refused for that Dr to enter my room again. Even to check on me. I told every single nurse what an ass he was and that if he came back then I was out. In my next appointment I will also be letting my OB know how I feel because he is one of the only 3 Drs who are on call at Northside during my window time of delivery... So that is a 1 out of 3 chance he coud deliver her. THAT IS NOT HAPPENING. I seriously want to ask if I can be sure that he will not be near me or my child. Umm EVER. This is why I have only had women Drs.
Dramatic? YES... Do I care? Not one bit. I am emotional, yes, but that does not mean that I am going to deal with a Dr who has terrible bedside manor and who made me feel like a worthless piece of shit... not to mention made JM feel absolutely terrible as well.

And this post had gotten very long. So to sum it up.. I am doing much better. Once the fever was gone for 24 hours I was released. I went home, showered and then had donuts. Yes Chocolate Cake donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

Baby girl is perfect... and I am getting better. Now all that can happen to make this pregnancy even better would be some bed rest. ut hey- I might actually welcome that after what I went through this past weekend!

PS: I realize that I will have to come up with a name to call our baby on here. I am not sure that I want to share her name publically until she is here... or ever on this blog. We will have to see. However I now realize that it might be confusing since our cat's name is Baby Girl. Yes we are crazy... but I love it.

Publish Post.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pink or Blue? AND Happy Birthday to Me...

So today has been the BEST Birthday I have ever had. Ever.

This morning I woke up to some beautiful flowers, a bag of Sour Patch Kids (my all time favorite candy!) and Sour Cream and Onion Pringles. Yes you did read that correctly. Hell I am pregnant- and this is what I asked for! I also got two wonderful cards... One from my dearest husband, JM and the other from our little baby. So sweet.

Then we went to the Doctor for our 20 week appointment and Anatomy Scan! It was absolutely unbelievable to see that our baby can go from this...

To this...

All stretched out!!!! To me that is just unbelievable! Would not stop moving long enough to get some very clear pictures... They say it has to do with the FULL MOON and all. (Which means I hope that our friend Kempton is going to have her baby tonight!)

And a profile shot...

All of the measurements came back perfect... 10 fingers and 10 toes. A perfect heart, kidneys and everything! She was even sucking her thumb in the picture above!

AND then...
My Birthday Cake!YES that is right... We are happy to announce that we are having a healthy baby girl!
We could not be happier at ALL!
and for all of those who guessed girl the whole time- YOU WERE RIGHT!
And one more thing... I totally thought it was a boy. All of the "Old Wives Tales" said boy...
But I could not be more excited to find out that she is a girl! A real mover and shaker too.

So there. We did find out. It might have killed me not knowing for another week!

It is also my birthday today. What better present can that be?

I am also leaving for NYC to see Chip (my brother) and Caroline (his awesome girlfriend) tomorrow night! This little baby girl is going to get some terribly cute clothes while I go shop in the big city!

Hope that you all have a wonderful day! I sure will....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday! Some likes and dislikes....

I am SO glad that it is Friday and I know that you are too.

What is it with Friday's? We know that we don't have to sit in traffic and go to work the next day? We know that we get a break from the people we secretly HATE at work? Or how about we know that come Friday at 5:00, that we can mentally "check out" for a few days?

Well I love Fridays... for all of those reasons above. (and yes I do secretly hate/loathe/despise someone at work- don't care either. Because writing that makes me feel better. Even though I know that you are "not supposed to hate anyone" I still do.)

I also am loving being pregnant right now. I feel so much better, still tired, but better! When I finally felt this little baby move for the first time, I think that I realized that this is "real" ya know?... and realizing that we have created this life? Well damn that is just insane to me. Insane to think that two people can do this. This thing called life.
Still amazes me.

I love Yoo-Hoo. There I said it. My name is Mrs. McCracken and I am addicted to Yoo-Hoo. Yes I do know that it is a "chocolate drink" not even milk... but when it hits my lips it can make my day that much better. It is the little thing in life right? Right? anyone out there?

I also love this...

Pure Grace Perfume... I also have the body wash and lotion. It smells just like clean soap and water- and to me it has a hint of sunscreen-smell. Yes I love it. I love that when I buy this every year, it means it is summer to me. I smell like fresh soap and water... and it is heaven I tell you!

I also love paper chains... I am thinking of starting one myself! Tearing off a new ring each week can mean so much, a sense of accomplishment with ripping off one mmore little ring each week. I love the sound of that... and I do love a good countdown.
And I have a few going on...

20 weeks until we get to meet baby! I am half way there...
12-15 weeks... I have a deadline of my own I will tell you about another time.
7 weeks until I go to the beach! YAY I need some sand in between my toes!
6 days until I leave for NYC. So excited to get away for just a few days to the big city!
5 days until we get to see this little baby again- 20 week Anatomy scan on June 15th...
5 days until my birthday. This make me sad, and kinda feel a little old. But I am going to rock it out like always. Celebrate with my favorite person JM- he is taking me to eat at my favorite Thai place in all of Atlanta!
and only 6 hours until the weekend.
I hope that I can make it that long today...

Have a wonderful Friday... and an even better weekend!

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Silent auction
Food and drink specials
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