Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday! Some likes and dislikes....

I am SO glad that it is Friday and I know that you are too.

What is it with Friday's? We know that we don't have to sit in traffic and go to work the next day? We know that we get a break from the people we secretly HATE at work? Or how about we know that come Friday at 5:00, that we can mentally "check out" for a few days?

Well I love Fridays... for all of those reasons above. (and yes I do secretly hate/loathe/despise someone at work- don't care either. Because writing that makes me feel better. Even though I know that you are "not supposed to hate anyone" I still do.)

I also am loving being pregnant right now. I feel so much better, still tired, but better! When I finally felt this little baby move for the first time, I think that I realized that this is "real" ya know?... and realizing that we have created this life? Well damn that is just insane to me. Insane to think that two people can do this. This thing called life.
Still amazes me.

I love Yoo-Hoo. There I said it. My name is Mrs. McCracken and I am addicted to Yoo-Hoo. Yes I do know that it is a "chocolate drink" not even milk... but when it hits my lips it can make my day that much better. It is the little thing in life right? Right? anyone out there?

I also love this...

Pure Grace Perfume... I also have the body wash and lotion. It smells just like clean soap and water- and to me it has a hint of sunscreen-smell. Yes I love it. I love that when I buy this every year, it means it is summer to me. I smell like fresh soap and water... and it is heaven I tell you!

I also love paper chains... I am thinking of starting one myself! Tearing off a new ring each week can mean so much, a sense of accomplishment with ripping off one mmore little ring each week. I love the sound of that... and I do love a good countdown.
And I have a few going on...

20 weeks until we get to meet baby! I am half way there...
12-15 weeks... I have a deadline of my own I will tell you about another time.
7 weeks until I go to the beach! YAY I need some sand in between my toes!
6 days until I leave for NYC. So excited to get away for just a few days to the big city!
5 days until we get to see this little baby again- 20 week Anatomy scan on June 15th...
5 days until my birthday. This make me sad, and kinda feel a little old. But I am going to rock it out like always. Celebrate with my favorite person JM- he is taking me to eat at my favorite Thai place in all of Atlanta!
and only 6 hours until the weekend.
I hope that I can make it that long today...

Have a wonderful Friday... and an even better weekend!

PS: IF you are in Atlanta this weekend! Come on out to Pints for Pups this weekend at Meehan's Public House in Sandy Springs! This fundraising event benefits Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption!
Event Includes:
Silent auction
Food and drink specials
Dog friendly patios- so you can bring your dogs!
Live music featuring Demartes
It is from 1-4- We hope to see you there!!!
OR follow Pints for Pups at

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