Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer... It is hot here. Going to be in the triple digits this weekend. There will be a naked baby at the lake and I will have a cold drink in hand for sure! This morning I decided to fire up the laptop and start writing again. After a long hiatus, I think it is best to come back and read this blog from beginning to end. I realize that this place hold so many memories... and I want and need to continue writing for me, JM and Viv. BUT I think that it is time for a new name for this place. My Crack in the Grigsby Life is no longer relevant... It is more about Life as a McCracken... Well when I figure out how to change it with the new Blogger I will come up with a cute new name. But for now... Here are some pics of us that I dont want to forget. Ever.
How cute is she? I mean really... I am completely bias, but I just think that she is the cutest thing EVER. I love her little scrunch face smile. Now to get out the big girl camera and start using all of these "tips" I keep on pinning on Pinterest! Chip and Caroline come in town next week and I cannot even wait to see them! So very glad to be back. Happy Friday Ya'll! xoxo


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    1. I have missed you! Now for me to catch up on your life! Still writing? I have not even been reading blogs- unless people post to Twitter. Lol.

  2. She's getting sooooo big. How beautiful! Miss you guys!