Friday, July 16, 2010

Love is in the air and the fruit is plentiful!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone has had a great week... and that you will have a better weekend!
Last night I was invited to the future Mrs. Woolley's (Amber) house for dinner! Amber and Matt just got engaged on June 16th, 2010, and they have already begun the planning... and that is why some girls were invited over for dinner! She asked all of us to stand up by her side as she marries the love of her life, Matt. AKA- asked us to be Bridesmaids in her wedding! Let me tell you this girl is on it! She already has the wedding planned! The wedding will be in Mexico on April 1, 2011! I am so excited to be in the wedding- AND get to go to Mexico! Now that I think about it... Amber is this why you made Mexican for dinner? ALSO- I will be getting you a cutting board and some knives... Dollar Store knives will be trashed!
Also a shout of to my girl Rachel Young! CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement as well!!!
Love really is in the air!

On to the fruit!
You might be wondering why I have tomatoes on the top of this blog... Well tomatoes are a fruit. AND I am obsessed! I have been craving good, summer, home grown tomatoes for weeks!!! My Mom had some yummy tomatoes over the 4th of July and since then I have had nothing but tomatoes on my mind!
This week JM's whole family has been out of town and we were able to go over to his Uncle's house to pick some tomatoes! Only the grape tomatoes were ready and for every 5 we picked I ate 2 while in the process! But this is not what I am craving...
I want a huge fat juicy tomato! And tomorrow morning I will get my fix! Mom is taking me to see the "Tomato Guy" who will be at the Marietta Square for the weekend farmers market. I might get 10 or 20 tomatoes! I have so many recipes that must have tomatoes in them to make... Tomato pie, tomato sandwiches, BLT's.. I could write a book!
Is it sad that I am so excited about tomatoes I can hardly wait to go to sleep tonight because I will be that much closer to having my tomatoes!
BUT First is a long overdue GIRLS NIGHT OUT! and tonight we are celebrating Beth's Birthday!!!!

One more thing! as requested by a few of the girls at Amber's house last night I will be doing some blogging on cooking, baking, and all food relating things! There will be some new, some old, and some I have never tried! I will make sure to have pictures as well! They will be up on Tuesday's! Gotta think of a name for Tuesday's new blog! Tasty Tuesdays perhaps!

Sorry the posts are always so long! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Ummm... I have same exact love for Tomatoes. I seriously can eat one for every meal. My fave? A plain ole' tomato sandwich with lemon pepper mayo. TO DIE FOR! Great... now I have tomato envy.

    Hope you guys have a fab weekend! Looking forward to Tasty Tuesday :)

  2. Brandi,
    I love a good tomato sandwich as well!!! Has to be on White Mountain Bread (Publix), Hellman's Mayo and of course salt and pepper! I could eat that all summer long!
    Hope that you have a great weekend too!

  3. Thankkkkk you!!!! I'm excited

  4. Y'all are so funny. My fav. A BLT :) Have a great weekend.