Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 days and counting!

So today marks 100 days until our wedding! and let me tell you, I CANNOT WAIT!
I feel like we have most everything planned or we at least have it on the list of To Do's. We just did the invitations and they are the most beautiful invitations I have ever seen!!! They are so elegant, super traditional, and really plain! I would post a picture, but I dont want to ruin the surprise!

So let me do a little recap of this past week... and I will post all the pictures tonight or maybe tomorrow. JM has my camera because he sent a guy some pictures of the pool table we are selling!!!! I hope that this guy wants it...
So last week I posted about my favorite summer thing... tomatoes! and I have had at least one a day since then!
Saturday morning I got up super early and drove to Marietta to meet my mom to go to the Farmer's Market in the Marietta Square! Everyone was so so wonderful and let me take pictures of their wonderful produce and even a few pictures of them too!!!! I promised everyone that I would put up links to their websites if they have them. BUT OF COURSE I forget the camera today so I can post some pictures.
When we first got there we went straight over to Dan the Tomato Man!!! I just love love love him and his wonderful wife! They could not have been a nicer couple! Their tomatoes are the BEST I have ever had in my life! I have made tomato pie and had tomato sandwiches for the past week and I will never get sick of them.
On the list of what we got at the market was...( I am sorry if I don't remember everyone names, but they will be in the pictures that I post later!)
Blackberries form Marietta
Peaches from GA
Bacon from a farm in Avondale (of course ate this on BLT's Sunday night! picture of that too!)
Banana peppers
Jalapeno Pesto- this is from Hope's Garden and it is by far the best pesto I have ever had!

and a few more goodies that I have taken pictures of as well!
Tonight I will try to post all of the pictures that I took (with their permission of course!) and even give out a wonderful recipe as well... Tomato Pie!

Monday night we had a little dinner party at the house with JM's family! Uncle Danny and Aunt Susie are in town from Australia!!! Also their son (JM's cousin) Drew and his beautiful new bride Amie were on their honeymoon in the US! We had everyone over to have steak sandwiches, fish tacos, and tomato pie! Little random menu, but everyone loves the fish taco's that JM makes and the steak sandwiches we saw on Food Network on night and just had to make them too! For dessert, JM made is wonderful Creme Brule! He really is the master chef! Since we both love to cook and entertain this was so much fun to have everyone over for a big family dinner! We had 12 over for dinner! (Picture to come of course!)

The rest of the week we have been laying pretty low... and I have been eating tomatoes!

I hope that everyone is having a great Thursday!

Promise to post pictures soon!


  1. WOW! You guys have been so super busy! 100 days are going to fly by!

    Ummm... I am going to need the recipe for tomato pie - everytime I see those words - I start salivating!

  2. It will be here before you know it!! Enjoy these last days leading up to it! :)