Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Last night my mom and I went to meet with The Frosted Pumpkin to sample and look at a few cake designs. We had their cake at a good friends wedding a few years ago and thought that it was the best cake that we have ever had! She gave me their name and they just so happen to be the preferred vendor at the country club where our reception is being held!
All of the cakes were wonderful and beautiful. I was so excited to bring home samples of the cakes that we picked out that I didn't wait for the new samples that they gave us to thaw all the way out for JM to try! I was so excited to have him try the cakes that I loved... He had a few bites of the semi-thawed cakes and wasn't as excited as I had hoped for! Hopefully the thawed cake will more to his liking tonight!

check out some of their cakes at

I am so excited to say that we have 143 days until our wedding... and I love JM more and more everyday! It is crazy to think that we met on a blind date a year from the day we got engaged!
I cannot wait!

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  1. Ok - I can not WAIT to eat your cake. 1. Cake is my favorite thing. 2 - I've tasted Frosted Pumpkin's cake - it's divine! Lucky you.