Friday, August 13, 2010

Taping, Priming, and Painting...

So as you know by now... we love to do home projects to make the house look new and updated. BUT this time I may be biting off more than I can chew. I am seriously painting all of the rooms in the downstairs of our house. BY SUNDAY. BY 10PM Sunday night! I really want it to be a surprise for JM. He doubts me! and THAT I cannot have... plus that is the deadline I have given myself. I have some help coming over which will make the project fun, but I think that even they think I am crazy. BUT before I forget... thank you Mom, Dad, Will, and Caroline! It is going to be a very fun family affair!
I am so sick of the yellow/ gold kitchen ( I love it last summer when I painted it) and the very blue dining room (ditto). What was I thinking painting the rooms those two colors? I have no idea now. It looks like some serious Georgia Southern people live there. OH wait they do... we both went to school there! That is not what I want the house to reflect though! Did I mention that the living room is mint green? IT IS SO GROSS. Whay in the world did I think that all of those colors would lok good together!?
After searching through every Southern Living I have had my Mom hold on to for me, we (no it is just me) decided on ALL NEUTRALS! I figure with some very light tan in the kitchen a Suede tan in the dining room and foyer, and a cream in the living room how can I go wrong!? I can always accent with colors in the rigs, pillows, fabrics etc!

I have already taped everything... I HATE TAPE! AND how EXPENSIVE it is! But the blue painters tape is the only thing that will work! Tonight I will prime all 4 rooms and finish some of the taping I left for tonight (I might be up all night!) and then tomorrow the color comes in... I also have a little surprise up my sleeve for the fiance too! Cannot tell you now- he might actually read while he is away!
BUT he will love it!

I hope that I am not too crazy in taking all of this on in one weekend! I promise to take some before and afters! Then I can post all of the wonderful redo pics of the house!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. YAY! We hosted a painting party and painted our entire house in one weekend (our living room has 30ft ceilings so we were one scaffolding and everything). We promised everyone beer and pizza. It was a TON to do, but that weekend holds a ton of hilarious memories for me now (like the night that I had too many beers and continued to paint... NOT GOOD). And when its done, ITS DONE!

    Can't wait to see pics! Its gonna be FAB!