Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To be happy or sad....

My family threw me a shower this weekend. It was all family and a few of the Bridesmaids could make it too. This shower was so nice because it was JM's family and mine too! They had not all met before so this was the perfect way to introduce everyone (ladies ONLY) all at once. The food was wonderful! They even had a chocolate fountain! YUMMY! Mimosas were flowin too. Such a great time!
Happy... We got wonderful things for the kitchen. AND it was a Recipe Shower too. With every gift there was a wonderful recipe attached. I cannot wait to try them ALL- after the wedding of course! I mean do you actually think that I can eat Caroline's Recipe for Krispy Kream Bread Pudding with a Butter Rum Sauce and stay on this weight loss plan!? I don't think so... but we will have that for Christmas FOR SURE! We even got rid of the old stuff in the kitchen to make room for all of the new!
Happy... That I was measured by my trainer at the gym today and lost a ton of inches... I mean 4 from my bust ALONE. (For those of you that know me... the girls are huge. Thank you to my Grandmothers for that!)BUT I am sure that this is from my back too!
Happy... I still have an hour-glass figure... (Yes I have a bubble butt too!) AND I feel my whole body is tightening up too!
Happy... I get to go home to the most wonderful family! There is always someone (or some kitty) waiting to be loved when I walk in from work! (Read the previous post about them!)
Happy... The laser treatment on my face went wonderful! and is healing more and more every day (Insert Music... "you're so vain...")
I had a wonderful weekend... but also a sad weekend as well...

Has anyone ever had to ask a Bridesmaid to step down? Even though it hurt so bad and didn't want to do it at all? Well that was my weekend... and it is consuming my thoughts into Tuesday.

Sad... She didn't show up for a single thing... and I never got an answer as to why.
What if she didn't show up for the wedding? Rehearsal dinner? Isn't that really unfair to the other 11 of my Bridesmaids who have been at everything?
Sad... that I feel that 11 other bridesmaids were thinking "I told you so". Even though no one would say it out loud because they don't want to see me hurt. This is a much watered down version of the events leading up to this... believe me.

Happy... am I happy about this... No. No I am not. I am sad, angry, frustrated... BUT I do know that I have 11 amazing friends who are willing to fly or drive to be with me. AND that they are only a phone call away. I love all 12 of them, even though only 11 can be by me when I marry my Prince Charming.

I wish that things were different... but I know that they are not. I do not know what the future holds at all.
I do know that I am in love with the most wonderful man in the whole world, and I get to marry him in 67 days. And that we have wonderful friends who love and support us both.

Neither of us are perfect, and we don't think that we are. We know that when anything is going wrong or I'm just having a stressed time, all I have to do is call him or think about him and what we have and I cheer up or I realize that nothing is that bad b/c we have found each other and no matter what happens there will always be us...
and there will always be people that love and support us too.

Thank you to both of our families and friends who were at the shower this weekend... or there in spirit. We love you all and couldn't thank you enough for all of the wonderful love and support that you have given us both... Only 67 days until the big party!

Comments... if you are nice enough to comment and follow on my blog, thank you. Thank you all for reading and keeping up with me on this journey of madness... And no one has before, but please don't pass judgement. I don't need any blog drama too. BUT if you do want to make a suggestion... then what would you like me to name my blog? I want to change it once we are married... since I will no longer be living a "Grigsby Life" Think of something clever... McCracken will be my new last name!

Thank you for always being there blog world!


  1. Love your happy's and am sorry for the sad's. My cousin was one of my bridesmaids and because she was planning her own wedding (three weeks after mine! And, yes I was engaged first), she was disconnected from the whole process. I just let is slide, but I know that it hurts. As for blog names, a few ideas: Crackin' The Newlywed Life, Crackin' Up, Crackin Me Up...they're probably dumb. haha! I tried.

  2. I don't know anyone who's asked someone to step down. But, I know many people who have wanted to ask that question. But I also know bridesmaid's who have stepped down (or rejected the offer) for their own reasoning. And, at the end - they were all still at the weddings and feelings were set aside.

    But, remember - just because you don't feel like she thinks this event is important, doesn't mean she doesn't. It might not be the biggest thing going on her life like it is yours.


  3. I can't wait for the wedding or "party of the century". Let's just remember this and forget all the rest. You and John Michael are getting married and nothing else matters. Focus on the fun! Don't worry I will be sure to make a name for the Boyce family. Love ya.

  4. We are so proud of you! You have become a pretty amazing woman, I know it was a hard choice to make, but you did the right thing. You reached out to her family, hopefully she can get the help she needs. She knows you still love her.
    I love Katie B's blog name ideas!

  5. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments! Katie B. I LOVE the blog names!!! I will be using one of them for sure! I love the Crackin' Up and Crackin' Me Up ones! Steph, I know that you are right :)
    Betsey... I cannot wait! party of the century is right! and Mom... I love you! Your sweet words make me want to cry.
    Thank you guys! Makes me feel better!

  6. Oh honey - No bride should ever have to go through this, but I have known many brides who have felt the EXACT same way.

    But remember, this is about YOU and JM. Years from now you don't want the memory of your wedding day to be scarred with drama from a bridesmaid. Do what you need to do and then be happy with that decision!

    Blog names: I Loved "crackin me up" or how about Let's Get McCracken. Or (Mc)Cracken up! There are so many fun things you can do!

    xoxo Keep smiling!