Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feature on Mrs. Brandi Nell's blog AND Wednesday's Random thoughts...

So one of our friends (REAL world friends and blog friends) Brandi decided to feature my last post on her blog!!!! You must check it out! She is so creative- check out some of her previous posts about her and her Husands DIY journey though their house- it is BEAUTIFUL! I just love everything that they have done!

So... today is Wednesday. Boring. I cannot wait until Friday, and it seems that everyone week I am counting down until Friday. This week is no different... and the countdown began on Monday... Ok more like Sunday night!
BUT this week is a little different! I have something wonderful to look forward to! My Kitchen Shower! We love to cook, try new and old recipes, and have people over for dinner so this is very fitting for me and JM. All of my wonderful cousins are throwing me the shower. And I will never be able to thank them enough!! Thank you so much Kay, Lynn, Sissy, Trixie, Lisa, Aunt Nanie, and Aunt Jackie! I love you all so much!
This shower will be a little different though... All of my family will be there, and so will all of JM's family! LADIES ONLY of course! I had decided that I wanted a shower where all of the family got to meet before the Wedding Day! So all of the ladies will be getting together for a shower FOR ME! I am so excited I cannot wait.... and one thing that is SO EXCITING (since we are really really into cooking) is that all of the Invitations had recipe cards attached! So everyone will be bringing me a recipe from their kitchen! AND I have just the place to put them!
My dearest and one of my oldest friends, Lauren Rose,(who si also a Bridesmaid) gave me the most wonderful Recipe book from Anthropologie! She and I share this love for anything Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People... she also gave me the most beautiful measuring cups at the last shower too! They look so great in the new kitchen! I cannot wait to bake something so I can use them! The Recipe Book is so perfect- (she knows me so well- even our moms are best friends!) I will be able to tuck all of the new cards in to the perfect little slots I CANNOT WAIT. Thank you Lauren Rose! Love you!

BUT there is ONE LITTLE PROBLEM... Since the 1st Shower, thrown by all 12 of my wonderful Bridesmaids, we still have not moved the gifts to the kitchen... they are all sitting in front of the fireplace! It looks like Christmas in the summer, but we have not had anywhere to put anything... SO this Sunday we will replace all of the old with all of the NEW... This I am even more excited about! I cannot wait for the first dinner party on all of my wonderful "Everyday China" by Lenox Butler's Pantry... it is to-die-for pretty!

I cannot wait to see both of our families meet and get to know eachother this weekend! I will let you know all how it goes... until them VISIT Brandi Nell The Southern Belle's Blog! Thank you Brandi!!!

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. The house looks great ... but I am devastated that foyer tile is gooooooooone.

  2. It's such a small world (though really not in Atlanta) - I know Brandi through Georgia tourism. You should definitely join JLA! You just have to live within 10 miles of Atlanta. We live in East Cobb off Lower Roswell, but I'm the director for the CVB of Dunwoody! I love that city and there is a lot of cool things that's about to happen there :) Small world!