Monday, August 16, 2010

While you were out...

So this weekend, as you know, JM was gone at a wonderful Friends wedding in NY. Congratualtions to the new Mr. and Mrs. Cox!
While he was out I decided to do a little makeover. I have to thank my WONDERFUL Parents! Without them it would have never gotten done... and to be honest it would have looked like sh*t if it were just me... AND I cannot forget to thank Caroline too! With out her in the dining room, it would have been a disaster!
Now I said before that this was a "little makeover" this was more like an overhaul... The house went from a Bachelor Pad to a Home... a home where grown ups live... which is fitting since we are getting married in 75 days! So here are some before and afters of ALL 4 ROOMS that were redone this weekend! I hope that you all enjoy them... I cannot wait to have people over for dinner now!

This is the former Pool Table Room... See Bachelor Pad.

AFTER... Beautiful Formal Living Room! (NOTE: All of the chairs will be recovered by my wonderful Future Mother-in-Law! So this room had only begun!)

BEFORE: Ugly Kitchen... this picture even has the old floors and everything!

AFTER... BEAUTIFUL Kitchen!!!! Look at the beautiful new Chandelier!! Thank you so much Daddy for putting that up!!! AND the new Kitchaide Dishwasher! So quiet and pretty!

Before... Bright Blue Dining Room. I love it but only for a year. When I couldn't find ANY fabric to match... I knew that it had to go!

AFTER... New Dining Room! Brighter, lighter, and makes the space seem so much bigger! (Excuse the crap on the table!) ALSO Replaced all of the shades on the Chandelier!

BEFORE: Old Foyer... Look at that tile! and the white walls had to go...

AFTER... NEW Foyer.. SO much more inviting dont you think???

PLEASE Let some comments below! I just have to know what everyone thinks!!! IF you would like the paint colors I have them, just ask! AND I am sure that my Mom will want to know what everyone thinks too! I am so happy that it is all done!

Can you believe that we got all of this done, AND did some wedding stuff too! We picked out the music for the Church! We met with the Organist on Sunday after Service. After that we went to the "JV" OR some know it as The Junior Varsity. The location on Lindburg (Buckhead) is closing next Sunday... SO SAD. Our Grandparents used to take us there all the time! Thanks PaPa for all of the wonderful memories! I love you and Ema!

Now for the fabric in the New Living Room! and some curtains on all of the windows! The house will be transformed... BUT... We have two bedrooms left, the master bath, and of course... the outside of the house and finishing the basement! Those are NOT one weekend projects... So follow me to see what happens next!

P.S. JM absolutely loves the house too! He got in so late but I stayed up just to see his reaction after all of our long hard work on our house! HE loves it and he wants to thank Dad, Mom, and Caroline too!!!


  1. Katie! It looks amazing! Love love love that chandelier over the kitchen table... its fab. Looks like you had a very productive weekend. It's quite the transformation!

  2. Looks great! What a good feeling knowing that you did all that! Im sure you are really going to enjoy the updated look! I love the picture in the dining room too!! Great Job!

  3. what a change, huh?!
    it looks so good babe! I am so impressed that you did it all in only a few days! I also really like the chandelier! the colors you chose are just so fresh feeling! one more step to our "new" house! love you!

  4. Love it!!! Can't wait to see it in person. Y'all did a great job. :) And I do love all the colors and that chandelier. Just fabulous.

  5. Thank you so much everyone! We had some fun at the house! So glad that it is all done though...
    Stay tuned a few more rooms need to be done as well!

  6. I love the title of the post - its so true about women re-doing or getting rid of stuff while the husband is gone! I do it all the time with Joey's stuff!