Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday

So this weekend the tile in the kitchen and foyer was finished!!!! Thank you to my wonderful Fiance! John Michael... or of course the one who did all of the work... Roberto! He was wonderful and did the most amazing job on the floors! We could not be happier with them.
I even got a brand new dishwasher!!! It is so pretty and shiny... I cannot wait for it to be installed this weekend! Hopefully it will come on Friday! IT is a black (all of the appliances are black) Kitchenaid. IT is so wonderful... and I NEVER in my wildest dreams would have thought that a new dishwasher would make me so excited... but it does! All of the new little washing features... steam clean and sanitize! Wow... that is sad that I am so excited.
Here is the kicker of home renovations... tonight we get to go home and clean everything... and I mean EVERYTHING. The tile was cut IN THE HOUSE!!! Everything... I mean EVERYTHING is covered in dust! It is on every glass, dish, fork, spoon... table top... the list goes on... EVEN the cats are covered in dust! IT is gross and I cannot wait to have a clean house again.
AND I am counting down the hours until this weekend!!! I am sad that JM is leaving me to go to a wonderful friends wedding in upstate NY, but I get some alone time... Every now and then it is nice to have the house to yourself. (Even though I am scare of the dark and hate being home alone) BUT that is not the real reason that I am excited about having JM gone... I have recruited my family to come and help me paint! The kitchen is going to be "Coffee and Cream" by Valspar (even though we bought Behr Paint and had them match it)The Dining room will be a darker tan and the formal living room (formally the Pool Table Room) will be a cream color... WITH a gold-ish ceiling!

Is is sad that it is a Monday and I am excited to go home and clean and start prepping for the weekend? Since JM will be gone, and not coming home until late on Sunday... I am hoping to get house cleaned and back in order before the weekend... but there is a ton to do! Next week I will post some pictures of My DIY Weekend!!!

Hope that everyone is having a good Monday! (Even though there is really no such thing)


  1. Ha! I giggled the whole time reading this. You sound just like me! It is so silly the way we get so excited over domestic things. It makes me feel so old!

    Can't wait to see all of the pics! The floor looks great!


  2. Thanks Brandi!!! We love it but cleaning it was a whole other story!!!
    I know I do feel silly that I am so excited over domestic stuff!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to come over and see it all.