Thursday, August 26, 2010

All about me...

So I have never told you about myself. What I do. Why I started blogging. Nothing. I just kinda started writing one day.

Well my name is Katie. I am a 26 year old girl, living in sin with my fiance, JM. We live in Dunwoody, GA. I love that we are so close to everything that there is to do in Atlanta! We are so close to both of our families it is great. (Will be great one day when we have kids too!) We have two fur babies, our kitty children, Baby Girl and Tilly. We love to redecorate the house and seem to always have too many projects going on at once.
I work full time. I am a Buyer Relations Director for SIX SHOWS. The Company I work for runs and hosts a ton of Gift, Souvenir, and Resort Trade Shows all over the country. I really love everyone I work with. It is such a laid back environment. I can wear whatever I want to work! Jeans and t-shirts everyday! I dress up sometimes... rarely.
BUT I dint get to this job right out of college. Out of college (I went to Georgia Southern University and got a BS in Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design) I started an Internship with Nordstrom. It was a great experience. So great that they thought I would make a great Department Manager.
When I started the Management position, my best friend Kerry and I moved into an apartment in Brookhaven about a mile from work! It was a great experience... taught me that I hate working retail. HATE IT. My feet always hurt, I worked nights and weekends, and it was getting to the point where the job consumed my life, my social life that is. I had to get out. FAST.
I did. One of my neighbors in our apartment building asked me if I wanted to give him my resume to give his boss. Wouldn't hurt right... I knew that the job was in outside sales. I knew that it was selling Copiers. I thought that I could do it, but little did I know that I would pretty much have to sell my soul to do it! That job SUCKED SO BAD. I am sorry if you read this and sell copiers! I was not good at it at all. I really liked everyone I worked with and it was great that I only had to work until 5 and had my weekends back...
While I worked there I made some great friends. One of them, Mike, thought that I needed to meet his roommate that we would be a match. Then another friend, Erika, thought that I needed to meet Mikes Roommate too! This went on for a WHILE. Finally we met on Halloween. I was a "Sexy Queen of Hearts" and JM was an Ex-AIG Employee Looking For Work. ( Yes he had that written on a sign and he wore it out with a suit on.) NO he did not work for AIG. Ever. BUT he is an accountant.
We starting talking that night and never stopped...
We dated for a few months and then he left his job in Public Accounting. (THANK GOD) He traveled all the time... was ALWAYS working. So he went over to Private Accounting. He loves his job now and is great at it. Bores me to death, but if he loves it then SO. Do. I!
That summer I was fired from my job as a copier sales girl. That was such a great day! I didn't know whether to cry tears of joy- OR jump up and down in my old bosses face and say THANK YOU! I just couldn't bring myself to quit. That was one of the best days of my life. Getting fired from a job that I hated so much that my eyes were red and puffy every day I walked in because I was crying on the way to work every day. I hated it that much.
So I had a summer off. I cooked dinner, I cleaned, and of course looked for a job. I have never heard of a stay at home girlfriend have you?
Then I found the job doing what I do now! All thanks to a great friend from college that I interned wtih and worked with at Nordstrom. Thanks Elisabeth!
So here I am 3 jobs after 4 years of college... but I think that I found the right one. It is great, by far my favorite job ever...

The reason that I started blogging in the first place was because I read someone Else's blog every morning with my coffee. Mrs. Southern Belle thank you so much for the inspiration to be able to write it all down! Mrs. Southern Belle and I were roommates in College and she even did my engagement pictures!
After much encouragement from my mom, who is my best friend for life, I decided to write about our crazy year that is all about weddings. We have 2 more left now. BUT before I started I had already been to 5 of them! They have all been wonderful. Every Bride has been beautiful! I have taken SO many notes on what I like and don't like for my own wedding. Not that I would be copying ANYTHING that anyone did, but I just took notes about random stuff... ( high or low center pieces so that people can talk)

I am planning my own wedding. I started the minute we got engaged and I cannot wait to see all of it come together! All the flowers, music, food, decorations, etc. I promise to post all of the picture that I have or just post the link to the photographers website after the big event...

BUT WE have one last shower before the wedding! All of my parent's neighborhood and family friends are throwing us a Fall Fair or Carnival Themes shower... that means funnel cakes, cotton candy and fun games and dancing!!!! I cannot wait! I promise to post some pictures from that one!

I think that is enough about me... for now...

PS Sorry I write so much... I write a little then stop and save then come back and write more. I am shocked if you have made it this far...
Have a happy Thursday!

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