Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happily Ever After.

This weekend we made our way up North for a wonderful wedding celebration! Whitney and Bryan began their new lives together as Mr. and Mrs. A at 5:30 on September 5, 2010 on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

It was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been too! Everything had a personal touch from B and W! The music, food, location, and wedding colors were perfect for celebrating their love! Even the two diferent cultures- North meets the South! New Jersey and North Carolina all together in Virginia!
Whitney is one of JM's dearest friends from Greensboro, NC, where they grew up together, and Bryan is from New Jersey. They live in NJ and we were lucky enought to go and stay with them last fall too!
Now there are 3- no make that 4 ladies (not including me or his own Mama) in JM's life that we would travel the earth to see that you need to know about. All 4 of them made him the most wonderful man in the entire world. Thank you to Jean Gray, Erin, Whitney, and of course Mrs. Ellen D. I am one lucky girl! Even luckier that I love all of these ladies so much too!

(Jean Gray, Erin and Whitney from left to right)
I cannot believe that Jean Gray got married in June to Nate who we love too!, Whitney this past weekend and we are next... That means that we will have seen everyone 4 times this year alone! Erin is married to a wonderful man, Frank, that loves her more than anything in the world! I didnt know JM when they were married- but I have heard all about how wonderful that wedding was- hand-dipped corn dogs and ALL! I am so lucky to marry in to this part of JM's family too!

Now back to Whiney and Bryan!
Her dress was beautiful. I had never seen a more beautiful and calm Whitney before. She was radiant in that long, flowy gown! It seems as if it were made for her. She was stunning! So were you Bryan! Bryan was in all black and has never looked more handsome!
Their colors were Light Blue- some would say "Carolina Blue" (JM is a Duke fan- we will not go there) and Orange. It was such a beautiful contrast together! Blue hydrangeas and Orange gerber daisies!
Music- EVERYTHING! Bryan has some of the best taste in music and timing! Every song was played at the perfect time! It was perfect and reflected both of them! It was so much fun to dance all night long!
Location- At Whitney's parents Lake House. It was in the back yard on the lake- Big white tent and all! The weather was PERFECT! Not a cloud in the sky!
Food- LOVED IT ALL! IT was a whole North meets South thing... There was a Southern bar and an Italian bar... VERY fitting since Bryan is Italian- how could I have left that one out! The food was wonderful! Being from the South I should say that I loved the Southern food the most... BUT the Italian food was just too good! All of it was wonderful and I could not stop eating, but the chefs that were right there making pizza was amazing! Then we were all passed out a desert. Neopolitan icecream in between two hot waffles... this is a Atlantic City Board walk thing... and it is something I will probably crave from now on!

All in all the wedding was about one thing. LOVE. The love that they have for each other and the love that everyone has for them. Everyone who was there to celebrate, those that couldn't make the trip, and those that they have loved and lost celebrating from above were watching over this couple this past weekend as they started their new lives together.

So here's to Bryan and Whitney... We love you both so much! Congratulations.


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