Thursday, September 23, 2010

A whole lot of fun....

This past weekend, as I mentioned before, we went to see Dave and Jill in Birmingham, AL. We also got to see one of my best friends Kathy too!!!

We had the best time! Of course we stayed up too late on Friday, drank entirely too much, and of course played some card games... but Saturday let me tell you... Jill and I had the best time! While all of the guys went and played TWO rounds of golf that day... we rocked it out!
We got up early- everyone did! Went to the Farmer's Market and got some veggies for dinner. At the Country Club close to their house they have a small Farmer's Market with local farmers and artists selling their wonderful crafts! We made our way through there then went off in search of some much needed coffee so Starbucks we went! We sat outside for an hour chatting, sipping, and looking at a ton of pictures... then off to Publix for the rest of the dinner that we were making for the guys...

Since we were done with all of our errands way earlier than we had thought we decided that we should drink mimosa's! What could be better right?!?!
We made the guys a wonderful dinner and of course played more drinking game and and card games...
The next morning we got up early again and went to "The Egg and I". It might possibly be our favorite breakfast place! Our little treat when we go see Dave and Jill!
Thanks for having us guys!!! and thank you Jill for all of the laughs! I had the best time sight seeing all over town!

When we came back... I was not feeling too great. BUT it is AMAZING what all you can get done when you don't feel well if you refuse to lay there. I got the craft closet organized, all guest bedrooms made and decorated for this weekend! Got a TON of stuff packed up and donated from the "old" kitchen, Got my dress fitted for the second time, went to the Country Club where the reception is being held and did the food tasting and planning session (food was WONDERFUL), even went to the Church for some "Premarital Counseling", did my trial run with my hair, and got the programs decided on and picked out! Now we just get to make them... all 300 of them.

The food at the Club was great! I cannot wait to see how they have it all set up! I think that it will be wonderful... and the Counseling part... there is NOTHING wrong with JM's and my relationship-just to clarify. Everyone who gets married in a church, most of the time, has to go though this. Sometimes it is intense hours of counseling and some people have to go on couples retreats... but for us... We were in and out in 30 minutes. In no way am I saying that we are perfect AT. ALL. But you know when it is right when everyone around you can also see that it is too... because this is not about the wedding. It is about us. The wedding is just one day and one night to celebrate the unity of two people. We both know that and we want more than anything just to be married because we will celebrate us for many many years to come. Not to be on that beach at the end of it all. St. Lucia, we cannot wait to meet you.

There is SO MUCH left to do, plan, order, and organize... and I am committed to NOT getting stressed. I am just not going to let it, the stress, sink in is all. I know that something is bound to go wrong, something will get left behind.... but you know what? I don't care.
I am so excited just to get to marry the man of my dreams, who just so happens to be my best friend in the whole wide world too!

This weekend we have the finally Couples Shower... more like Carnival! and that is going to be one hell of a party! We cannot wait for our friends and family to meet and have a wonderful time with us!
Dear weather Gods, Please don't rain this weekend... I beg you! because rain or shine you can bet your ass that I will be dancing under those stars!

I promise to post pictures one day... I am really really bad at that and currently have over 1000 images on my camera to edit and put up... maybe I will do a 'year in weddings wrap up'... Who knows? one day you will see them...

Until then I have 37 days to get my ass in gear and get this wedding planned... I cannot believe how time really does fly by.



  1. Hey girl! Cant wait for the shower this weekend! I am praying for no rain as well! If you need any help with the programs give me a call! I would be more than happy to help and lend some expertise! See ya'll Saturday!