Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh the possibilities...

Today when I ran out of the office for lunch to run a few errands I decided that I would get a journal.
Not just any spiral notebook or something that I would have used in school... It has a real leather cover and a pretty satin ribbon for a bookmark.

Oh how I cannot wait to pour my heart out and write. Possibly cry, definitely laugh at all the mess, and be so happy that I will get to relive it every time that I read it.

I have decided that this one will be about every last detail that we have planned for the wedding. I want to write every thought, every emotion that I may have had while planning. I want all of that to be ON PAPER... yes I am going old school on this. And I cannot wait.
Of course I will share pages from this book with you because after all that is what this blog was supposed to be about. I was going to write about all 11 of the weddings...and you know what? They were all perfect. All different in their own ways. from all over GA to NC and VA... simply perfect. BUT there are somethings that I don't write about on here. There are somethings that are just for me.

I even asked JM to write in a few of those pages, just so that once we are on the honeymoon we can read and write more together. (it is a great idea... but I wonder if that will really happen- the whole "him writing" part) BUT it would be so great to give to a daughter once she is engaged... Just a thought for 25 years down the road.

ONE thing I will have to do. ONE thing that I must remember to do in this journal is write about the wedding day. How I felt walking down that aisle... what song was in my head? What was I thinking as all 300 something were looking at me? What was the look on JM's face? (this will be the first time that he sees me that day...)
I will have to remember to do this on the plane...

'cause we will be OFF. For a week we will be in St. Lucia... as newly weds and it will be the best week of our lives. Toes in the sand and drinks in hand... ALL. DAY. LONG.

Then after that I want a break. A break from weddings. I love them, they really are the best date night ever. They are SO romantic and perfect... but really when you go to 11 in a year... you want a break.

AND I am SO GLAD that ours will be the last wedding of the year. The big blow out... Until then I will be writing here and writing on paper too...

You know something?... I cannot wait for what the next 46 days hold. And then to see what is to come after that... we have a lifetime to share together and I am going to live and drink up all of the love that we share because what we got is special... real real special... Love.

"Love alone lightens every burdon and makes rough places smooth. It bears every hardship as though it were nothing, and renders all bitterness sweet and acceptable."
Thomas A. Kemps


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  1. So cute! I could never get a journal started. I mean It has taken me since June to read 400 pages in a book! You are too precious. Can't wait til the big day! You started with a great one and now ending with yes a big blow out of your own!