Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Carnival is here!!!!

So sorry that I have not gotten these up sooner!
This weekend was one of the best weekends that we have ever had... ever.
Reasons it was the best. weekend. ever. in no particular order...
Jean Gray, Nate, Erin, and Frank all came in town for the party...
The Carnival...
and Chip, my brother, got JM a BIG GREEN EGG!!! IT is our "couples shower, wedding, gift, and Christmas gift... for the rest of our lives. On the card he wrote- "Welcome to the family" on the outside... on the inside..." You owe me beer and cook outs for the rest of your life!" and that is just SO Chip you have no idea...
HE gave him the card first then opened the trunk to show him the big surprise... it was INSANE!
So today is not a long post... but a TON of pictures. Finally right? ENJOY!

Entering the Carnival

How awesome are those lights! I really really want trees in our yard now so that I can have some up year round...

Two out of the 10 Fabulous "Witches of W.O."

Me and JM - Can you believe that Mandy made ALL of these games and boards for us to pose with!?!?!?

This might be MY FAVORITE picture of the night! My brother Chip, My cousin Ryan, and My brother Will!

Caroline (Chip's Beautiful Girlfriend), Chip, Jessica, and Colleen

Lauren and Kaleb in the car! Too cute!

Look at Frank's face (on right) how great is he posing for the pictures!

Games at "the midway" Thanks everyone for the quarters!

At the end of the night at the bonfire!

We had such a great time! Thank you so much for everyone that came! I wish that I had had 10 minutes to talk with everyone there... JM and I tried the divide and conquer approach... but I missed him and barely saw him. We have 1 picture of the two of us from that night. So at the wedding we will stick together!

PS. 31 days left. Time for the last month shakedown! I cannot believe that in 31 days I will be Mrs. McCracken. It is just crazy how fast this month will fly.

xoxoxoxox- K


  1. What a great shower! Looks like ya'll had the best time! I am super jeal that Chip got ya'll an Egg - I have always wanted one!

    And yes, you are right - the month will fly by! Have fun!

  2. Mandy is so talented!! The big day is getting close I know you are so excited!! :)

  3. Sarah we are so excited!!We really cannot wait... like want it to be here NOW...
    BUT really I want your sweet baby boy to be here so that I can look at pictures and read the blog (even though you will not have time for it) I really really want the pictures!!!

    and Brandi- Shower was a riot! it was so much fun I didnt want the night to end. Ever. We sat in the grass at their house after most everyone had left and it was just magic being there with some of our best friends..
    and we still are in shock that Chip got us the Egg. I will post about that tomorrow... INSANE is what it is. We are cooking for them tonight and it will be steaks that are WAY too expensive... Chip deserves it though. Forever.

    and to Chip- if you read this... I love you. You and Will are my best friends! and we cannot believe that you got us that thing... JM is obsessing. BAD. xoxoxxo to you both! I love you too Will.