Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday... and Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Friday everyone. I am SO GLAD this week is about to be over. I am counting the seconds until 5:00 today.

(Birthday Boy!)

Sunday will be a very special day in our house... It is JM's Birthday!!! I just love love love birthdays. They are special and so important to me. I just love when someone you love opens a gift from you and they LOVE it...

(JM's Dad hold him on his first Birthday!)

I have decided to do a few thing for my dearest for his special day (he already knows what I am going to tell you all since he actually reads this- and cheers me on to write more!), and you will get to hear about his present later! Sorry it is not the 30 gifts for 30 years like last year!!! BUT you will love this one the same.

(JM Birthday! I will make sure that you have candles this year too)

Saturday, I would love to sleep in, but I have been told we are going to the gym... it is his birthday weekend right? Then I am going to clean the ENTIRE.HOUSE. I am talking all of the laundry, scrub the floors- maybe the litter box. (FYI I hate cleaning it out it is SO GROSS- he doesn't like it either, but he loves me that much!) I will even take all of our clothes and kitchen stuff that we are donating over to Good Will.

(JM (Yes he did have long hair) and his dad- We all miss him so much, everyday. We love you JWM)

IF that all gets done then I will bake him some wonderful cupcakes. I have seen a recipe online for a while... Maple Bacon Cupcakes? I mean really... two words got me craving this. Bacon and Cupcakes. What could be better? I will post the recipe if we love them.
JM is a big bacon fan as well so I thought that this would be a nice Birthday treat!
Hopefully I will get this all done before he comes home on Sunday morning.
He is spending the night out for a friends bachelor party. They are even taking the camper (yes we do have a pop-up camper) to go camping that night.

(JM and his 3 BFF's Jean Gray, Erin and Whitney- We love you all so MUCH!)

(JM and my brother Chip at a Brave's game- JM's favorite!)

I was supposed to go out for a bachelorette party, but I have too much other stuff on my plate (wedding and all) to have a girls night out... plus it will be SO NICE for me to be home alone with our fur babies baking!

(Look how proud he is of that ring! That is me crying by the way... the night that he proposed!)

(I love you!- This is how we take a ton of pictures!)

Happy Birthday JM, my Honey Bunny. I love you so much you don't even know. I cannot wait to celebrate your Birthday this Sunday!


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  1. Happy Birthday, JM! I hope yall have a fantastic weekend!