Friday, September 17, 2010

Just some Friday randomness...

Dear Diary....
I am so glad that it is Friday. Just like every week right?

I really did start writing in a diary. and let me tell you it is wonderful. JM put up some lights next to the bed so I can now lay in bed and write at the end of the day.... I really just needed something that I could write in at night... the pen, paper, and the freedom to write whatever the hell I want is WONDERFUL. I know that I can do that here, but really the sound of the pen scratching on the new paper. Heaven.
Seriously... second best stress reliever I know of!

So this weekend is our last trip out of town before we become Mr. and Mrs. McCracken. Although we have so much to do at the house- cleaning, organizing. and everthing before the wedding... IT CAN WAIT. We have gotten really good at letting things wait. There are more important things in life... Like family and friends... because our frineds are all like family and our families are our best friends. Right now it is just nice to leave for a weekend because wedding planning can wait right? So Alabama here we come!

We are going to visit our dear friends Dave and Jill. This couple is awesome. They are so much fun and everytime that we see them we know that we will be laughing so hard that we cry...

I first met Dave and Jill was at Dave's birthday two years ago. I was scared. Scared as hell. With thoughts running through my head "Will they like me?" "Will they accept me as his new girl friend?" Jill is great friends with JM's ex. So of course I was nervous... these were some of the first friends I was meeting. OF course they were and are wonderful! I love them... and really dont know why I would have ever thought that they would judge me at all! I laugh about that now.
I love all of JM's friends. They are not just his frineds anymore... they are mine too. He has some of the best friends people could ask for! SO DO I!

A few things that I cannot wait for...That will bring me so much joy and happiness over the next week...
My brother Chip is coming home next week!!! We are all so excited to see him it is crazy... That boy loves to travel and he had the best summer a traveler could ask for. He got to see places I never will... From California to Maine he traveled to a ton of fairs and events all fro a company called Webkins. Yes that is right. The boy is good. And it is so sweet to me that he wanted to do something like this- to see how excited or crazy the kids get over these things... It is like Beannie Babies on crack.

Our Couples Shower is next Saturday. It is being hosted by the most wonderful people in all the land. By land I mean Windsor Oaks where I grew up and my parents still live. It is going to be a fall festival. Fall festivals mean cotton candy, funnel cakes- we call then belly busters, margaritas, daqueries, corn dogs, hot dogs, burgers... the whole nine... Even cut outs for people to pose behind for some great pictures! Games and dancing too! What could be better than dancing under the stars with frineds and of course cold cold beer. But that is not until next weekend... and I am still hoping that it will be a little cool outside so that it will really feel like fall.

I hope that everyone enjoys some dancing under the stars this weekend... I will. For sure.


  1. That sounds like such a fun couples shower!!! I can't wait to see pictures.