Monday, September 13, 2010

A lot on my mind...

Some might say this is a "stream of consciousness" post...

I have been thinking. Thinking a lot... about what projects we have taken on and what might not get done.... for a LONG.TIME. AND thinking about what I want to do next, what I other projects I might want to take on... or even a new camera... or a car... Get it? My mind wanders all the time. Right now... Music.
***How many play lists do I really need to come up with when I like indie rock and JM everything else but...? I keep saying we have time... even though we don't. Couples shower on 25th... need that play list now. The theme of that night will be a lot of classic rock mixed in with a touch of everything we have decided.***

Maybe if I write it all out. Maybe if I start using this blog as a place for me to have a journal or even a diary... that you will read and let me know if I am just insane... or maybe even normal. Maybe I should write on paper too... later on that.

This weekend for JM's birthday I spent Saturday cleaning like a mad woman... like a mad woman who was on something. I cleaned every floor, ever surface that was covered in some pile of papers... Even the litter box. ( I scooped it out at least.) And it felt great. I hurt, but it was so nice at the end of the day... To shower right before getting in a bed of cool clean sheets...

Since we take weekend trips all. the. time. It is so nice to have all of the laundry done, folded and put away... nice to have a bleached kitchen... and even nicer when all of the carpet and floors are cleaned! Even the kitties were happy!

Then once that was all said and done I went to the grocery store. Most people dread the grocery store... I love it. I love it when I go alone. (Sorry honey, you use the phone in the store and that is a "No No" when you go with me.) It is a place for me to think as I roam each aisle. Yes, I said it, I go to the store to think. I try not to look at my watch, or answer the phone, but then again I know not to stay so long that the icecream is melting out of the carton. I like that I can see all of the babies helping their moms pick out groceries- or just knock them off the shelves... I like the pretty displays in the produce section. One day when we have children this will not be the case anymore. I will be like all of the other Dunwoody moms... taking their children to the store with them, and making sure that they dont scream the entire time... looking at my watch to make sure that we are not late to soccer practice.
BUT until then... I can think and day dream all that I want in the grocery store.

For JM's birthday I decided to stock the house with new groceries... Laundry detergent, bleach, all food that he loves (sorry I forgot the pickles and pork rinds-gross), and even a new pair of tooth brushes...
He said that he didnt want anything for his day this year. Just a clean house and dinner.
and I was so happy to clean, plan this weeks dinners, and make cupcakes too! The maple bacon recipe was great, but they might only get made one more time... when you know how bad they are it is hard to make them again.

Now back to thinking of all of the wonderful projects that I could be doing right now... Guess they will have to wait until after I am done with the 9-5.... one day I might get my dream job... until then...

We have 47 days until we are married. And let me tell you, I cannot wait until I get to be a wife. This has been the most exciting time in my whole life and in no way am I "wishing it away" I just cannot wait to finally walk down that aisle.

One more thing... Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you have done for us. We will be able to pay you back one day! As long as you accept grandchildren as your payment! I love you both so much!

xoxoxoxo- K

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