Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall, oh how I have missed you...

All of you know how much I love Fridays... I love them almost as much as I love fall. I wish that it was fall all year long. Not just because we are getting married in the fall... but there is just magic in the air in the fall, followed by the warm smell of Hot Apple Cider on the stove. And y'all I am making Cider tonight.

There are just so many things to love about fall. The smell of fall s in the air outside here in Georgia and we are even lucky enough to NOT have a day that is over 90... not even over 80 and I am loving every minute outside. Even though I am trapped in this pit of despair, my litter box, shit hole, formally knows as my cube at the office. Everyone who has been in my office to visit always says "how depressing" Guess I need a lamp or something? I love my job promise... it is just that with fall makes me want to knit something, paint anything, redecorate a little, spray the house with concentrated aromas that smell like "fall", light candles, and be more creative than any other time of year... how will I have time for all of that? (Cube walls closing in now)

The bonfires that come with grilling out... the Football games that gather friends like family and family like friends. Fall leaves, pumpkins, the warm colors that will appear on my long drive home from work. I love everything that there is to love about fall. Candy Corn included. I mean really how could you not love fall? You are weird in my book if you don't!

One think that I really really love about the fall is clothes. yes that is so like me...
BUT I really can appreciate a handmade scarf from some that loves you. Thanks Mom for all of the wonderful scarves and making me learn to knit... Knitting next week I promise!

My Ugg boots... I don't care if they are "out of style"... they are too comfortable to not wear. They are perfect with leggings and a long sweater. My vintage leg warmers... They are Navy Blue Cashmere- thank you to my wonderful Aunt Bunny. I am sure that she got them when they really just came out at somewhere super fabulous... they are the best hand-me-down I have ever gotten. Ever- hands down. and they are so wonderful with a huge over sized long sleeve T to wear to bed...or wear them with ANYTHING they are that wonderful.

This year I have decided that I am going to jump back into knitting. AND I must learn to crochet... MUST LEARN. There is so much that I want to make... Blankets, Hats, Scarves, and of course... Leg Warmers for everyone! I want yummy delicious vibrant colors to wear! I can wear all the black in the world I want... as long as I have bright knitted accessories this fall... and with that I have decided my signature look for this fall, maybe even winter, Black leggings, long sweaters, and knitted every king of accessory you can think of, with a wonderful headband. Will post pictures of that soon!

Another fall ritual I have... going Brunette! It will be here soon enough... Gotta get married and for that I will be blond- just as everyone has known me forever!
Once we get back though... you can bet your ass that my hair will be dyed faster than you can say "roots".

One last thing.
Congratulations to Daniel and Elisabeth! Happy One Year Anniversary! We love you both so much! Elisabeth is one of my best friends and she has such style, grace, and most of all class. Yup you got it girl! She is an excellent cook, who always shares her recipes, who always lends an ear to my "stories", and who will always come and visit me in my pit of despair... Love you!

and for those of you who might be crazy- and don't like leg warmers... Make fun of me all you want... and all I will say is "Go to hell"... but I will rock of those leg warmers until spring! Starting tonight... with a bonfire, the grill master- JM cooking something wonderful, and me lounging under a blanket while I soak in everything fall... there will be a lot of soaking it all in to come.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their beginning of fall...

PS. We have 30 days until we say I do. How fast do you think that will fly by??? and no I will not freak out. Everything will get done... it always does especially when your mom knows magic.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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