Thursday, October 14, 2010

And so it is planned...

Done. Done. Done.

Monday night my mom and I met with our Wedding Coordinator for the day of the wedding. It was a dream come true and if you are on the fence about to have a wedding coordinator or not... DO IT. AND if you need someone in Atlanta I highly recommend Lisanne McDearman with Watermark Weddings. Never have I been more impressed.
She came over and we went through a 22 page check list to go over ALL details and stuff we want done for the wedding. It was in 10 point font, and I was shaking. Did we cover everything? Do I have everything I need? and am I ready for this?
I was ready- hell yes I was! Had it all. Covered more bases that I thought.
My mom and I have met with all of the vendors, done all of the planning, reviewed and updated all proposals, paid all deposits, did it all.... and now I had to hand it all over to her.
If you don't know... I am a control freak when it comes to planning. And I just let someone take over. Completely. She is now my only contact and she will come up with time lines and coordinate the arrival of EVERY. LAST. DETAIL. I have nothing left to worry about and it is scaring the shit out of me- it is a great thing though.
She is doing so much more than I even imagined that day so that me and my mom can have a great time and not worry about a single thing. Even bringing food to the church for the wedding party to have while we get ready! This is great, but why am I nervous?
Is it my dresses?
The flowers?
What if I trip down the aisle?
What if I cannot stop crying?
What will it be like with 250-300 sets of eyes on me at once?
All of this has been going through my head the closer that we get.... but yesterday JM said the most wonderful thing....

"we'll be just fine...just show up...that's all you gotta do...I'll take care of the rest...
once we are standing up there together, hand in hand, there's no stoppin us...that is our comfort zone, so we'll get thru it together... "

He is so cool under pressure. He amazes me. And I know that all nerves and every thought will completely leave me right there at the alter when I take his hands. Just like magic.
There is going to be an overflowing feeling of love in that church on October 30th. Our love and every ones over-flowing love for us.

Until then... I sit back, Gym- Tan- Laundry, and get the house clean and ready for our wonderful friends who are staying with us at our house the wedding weekend.

AND this weekend? Bachelorette Party. MINE that is! We are off to Helen, GA tomorrow for Oktoberfest. My bridal party is taking me to a kick-ass cabin this weekend to do nothing but relax, eat, drink and of course be merry.
I cannot wait. Legwarmers and sweaters... what could be better?

T minus 16 days. AND then we are off to the beach as Mr. and Mrs. McCracken. Sand, cocktails with umbrellas, and warms salty water are calling our names... and I can almost hear them...

More updates to come.

filled with love,

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  1. GTL Baby! So excited for y'all! JM got it right on the money with that response! You guys just have to show up at this point!

    Have a blast this weekend!