Thursday, October 7, 2010

What will I do....

So this morning when I was working out with Rachel, my trainer and friend, we were talking about the wedding. How close it is, do we have most of it done?, everything.... I swear she knows more details about it all than anyone! But a thought came aacross my mind...
What is going to take up my time??? I have been planning and prepping for a whole year... and once it is over, what will I plan for? What will we do on weekends? I am so excited to NOT have to do it all over again, but at the same time I know that I will miss it.
My mom might miss it.. and what will she do? She has been busting her ass to get stuff done while I am at work... and thank you mom- we will never be able to thank you enough!

Also the LAST wedding before our own is this weekend... and I am excited that it is the last one, and I dont think that I will miss going to all of the weddings either. It is sad, but I am wedding-ed out! We have enjoyed every single one of them. And watching all of our frineds get married has been a blast... but this will be 10 for the year. I mean who goes to 10 weddings in a year and saves the last for their wedding.... WE DO!
and we are going to rock it out for sure! You know what they say, "Save the best for last..."

But what did you do after your wedding and honeymoon were over? I am thinking that the house will be much cleaner and that the little projects will finally get done.

23 days until I am a Mrs. I still cannot get over that.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I remember that feeling! When my wedding was over, I went through serious withdrawls and boredom. I really did miss the planning. It took me months to get over it, and I started finding new projects. You have to find something to do basically or you go crazy!
    Good luck!

  2. JLA :) I'm loving it and believe me, it takes up time! Ha! Oh, and cooking and baking. Which is why I have gained back every pound I lost before I got married. But, who cares?

  3. Katie- I love it!!!! I might become a master baker and chef as well! and I DO need to join JLA once the wedding is over! That and cleaning the house can occupy my time!
    Silvertag- I DEF. think that there will be boredom and withdrawls... hopefully fixing up the house will take over and we can "plan" how we want the house to look!
    Thank you both for your sweet comments!