Monday, October 25, 2010

Rainy Mondays...

I hate Mondays. Doesn't everybody? I have never heard someone say "Oh I am so glad it is Monday... I just love Monday's" If they did then I would know that they didn't work on Mondays!

Well this Monday is just a little different. For me at least...
This time next week I will be waking up to a breakfast of lobster and eating on the patio of our wonderful suite in St. Lucia... I say lobster because JM has already said that we will be having lobster for every meal. Then we will go and run in the waves roll in the sand, drink "Dirty Bananas", lay in the sun too long, and of course... eat lobster again!
BUT today I am sitting in my cube (AKA Pit of despair) and working... or trying to work at least. I have so much to do before I leave, but my lack of motivation is only getting worse. (For those of you UE girls/ guy that read it WILL get done)

This week is all about getting ready for a day that will for sure go by entirely too fast. (Everyone has told me already!) We have been cleaning all weekend and getting ready! I think that even once everything is clean I will still not know what to do, so I will bake.
This week baking something special for our guests and of course it is our dear friend Jeff's Birthday on Thursday! So he, of course, needs some cookies! Plus baking relaxes me... hell even baking my skin in the tanning bed relaxes me right now.

With so much going on, I hope that I have time to blog again before the big day.... I should since I will be working until Wednesday!

I cannot believe that I have been counting down the entire time. Do you know that I wake up and tell JM- "I am so excited that we are getting married!" or I will look at him at night and say " wow we are really getting married". I am sure that he s sick of it ( because I say it EVERY morning)... but I am just so excited to spend the rest of our lives together that I don't want to rush a thing anymore. We have 5 days... and right now I hope that they are long days. It seems that when there is a countdown involved, time just flies a little too fast...
So day, please go by slowly so that I can get everything done... and one more thing...
I wish that there was some sort of "Pause" button on time so that once I am at the reception I could pause everyone but me and JM so that we can take a look around to see everyone who came to celebrate our love with us. Would be pretty cool...

So tonight we are making Monday special... It is date night! JM is taking me to Atlanta Fish Market to have one last date night as an "engaged couple"... I mean we gotta make some time for us somewhere this week!

I hope that everyone has a good Monday... it is making me wish I had taken the week off work!



  1. It's your big week! Enjoy every moment of it!

    PS: Tucker is a mix of a cocker spaniel and a boykin spaniel. Boykins are brown :) The festival was awesome and the brand launch went great. But, I know you were probably so busy! Have a great week!

  2. Haha I think I told Michael, "we're getting married" probably everyday for the 18 months we were engaged! LOL How funny. For us, during our 1st dance (when we weren't trying so hard not to cry) was when we were able to look around and take some of it in... so maybe try that!! We danced to the whole song so we had a few minutes ;-)

    You're gonna be a HOT bride! Can't wait to see photos of you in your dress!