Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10 days and a really fun weekend...

Sorry I have been MIA for a week! I promise that it was only because this wedding is taking over our lives.

This weekend was the best weekend ever. It was my Bachelorette Party/ Weekend get-away to Helen, GA. My wonderful Bridesmaids all rented a cabin in the mountains for the whole weekend... and it was only about 10 miles outside of Helen. All of us had the best time... dancing, singing, baking, eating a TON, and of course a hot tub!
I seriously could not have asked for a more perfect weekend. We stayed in on Friday night and ventured down the gravel mountain side that we stayed on and made it in to town for the afternoon. We drank and ate on an outside patio all afternoon and even made it to Hansel and Gretel's for some candy apples. I do not know if I have ever laughed so hard in my entire life. My stomach still hurts from laughing a TON and eating way way way too much.

Saturday night the ladies baked me a cake shaped out "something Bachelorette- themed" Take a guess! and threw me a lingerie shower! Never have I laughed so hard. Everything that they got me was perfect! Not only does it all fit, but it is all super cute or slutty depending on how you look at it. I cannot post about what it is, since I want that to be a surprise for JM... and because my family reads this too. I will have more than something for every night of the Honeymoon... and that will be fun.

This weekend was the most memorable one of my life. I will never forget how sweet and caring all of my girl friends are. I mean what more could a girl ask for... Eating, laughing, drinking a lot, and dancing on coffee tables. Sorry that I cannot share pictures, they are incriminating and we all have jobs people.

On to wedding news.
We are 10 days away from the big day... that means tomorrow is single digits. We are so ready for this. I have done everything that needs to be done. Just one more meeting and we are in the clear.
Next week I am full of appointments... hair, nails, waxing (yeah waxing everything... and trust me it is the best thing ever- I don't care if anyone thinks that is "gross or slutty"... it rocks! and don't knock it until you try it- I don't know one person that has not liked it afterwards), luncheon with my ladies, rehearsal dinner, and then the big day.

I really cannot believe that it is here. I know that I have said that a billion times, maybe a trillion, but I think that every girl dreams of how her wedding will be one day...
and this is exactly what I had dreamed of. I am just so very lucky to have found JM and for him to have let me have my dream wedding too!
(If were up to him, we might already be married, and it might have happened on a beach, in Vegas, or even a courthouse... but he loves me so and has let me do what I want)

I am most excited to see what he thinks of everything when he sees it for the first time. I don't know if he will notice the flowers, linens, or every single detail as I will that night... but he might now that I have mentioned it??? I do know that he will notice me! LOL!

I have been dreaming about this wedding, our wedding, for the last 20-something years... and now that it is finally here... I would not change a single thing. I got my Prince Charming meeting me at the alter and then it will be all "Happily Ever After" right??? HA!

I cannot wait... even though I have heard many people saying "This is the wedding of the century" it really will be to us...

10 days until I have to change the name of this blog... there will no longer be "a crack in my Grigsby life"... It will be "The McCracken Life" but I gotta think of some good names...
and what will I write about? What it is like to be a working wife who commutes 60 miles a day total? Boring... I will think of something though so don't you worry... Maybe we will have a baby soon... who knows what is next? I don't...

and as always sorry for the randomness of this post. My mind is going a million mile a second and I am just writing what I am thinking...

I hope that everyone has a happy Wednesday and I promise to post sooner than later.

Love and kisses!


  1. Enjoy these last 10 days! I am so happy and excited for you. You will be a fabulously beautiful bride, I'm sure of it! Just remember to eat your 3 meals a day, get plenty of sleep even if you say you can't and on your wedding day... make sure you guys take a few minutes to yourself once the ceremony is over and TAKE IT ALL IN. It will go by so fast (I'm sure everyone has already said that to you 10x but coming from someone who just went through it a month ago it REALLY does!) and in a blink of an eye all your hard work will be a reality and then over. SO enjoy it Ms Katie! And an early congrats to you two!

  2. You are such a cute little bride-to-be! I was this excited too for my wedding day, and it will be everything you dreamed of and more! Everyone says it, and it's goes by so fast, so enjoy every moment and every last detail! Congratulations Katie! I wish you guys the very best on your big day, and I can't wait to see the pictures!!

  3. Hooray! Your BIG day is almost here! You are too cute! I love how excited you are :) So fun! We were the exact same way. And you know what? It ONLY GETS BETTER FROM HERE!

    I know your day will be more than you can possibly dream of! Just remember to save a quick moment for just you and "almost hubs" to enjoy a moment in the madness.

    Can't wait to see all of the pictures and read about all of the excitement! Congrats again!

    Brandi Nell (and hubs)