Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is a comin'!!!

So if you do not know me well...

Then you might not know that once December 1 comes it is time to celebrate! The 25 days of Christmas that is... and this is my favorite time of year by FAR!

Christmas music can be heard from a mile away. I play it non-stop in my car, on my computer as I am typing right now, you get the idea right? JM- not so much and I am thinking that this might be why he loves to drive his car this time of year...

The house is decked out... well the process has begun. The Snow Village is up. (I collect "Christmas in The City" Porcelain houses...) The garland has been decorated- just needs lights.

and last night... I bought a tree. A fake one.

See JM has been working late, but that is nothing new to me as the wife of an accountant, you know that there are time of the year that he works late and that is fine. I am just SO glad that he is not in Public Accounting anymore, and makes me feel bad for anyone who is even in the position!

So the fake tree... that will be the tree in the window that everyone can see from the street. The real tree that we are getting this weekend will be in the den, where we sit and watch TV, right by the fire place with our stockings hung with care...
This fake tree is going to be a "pretty tree", one where there is a theme and the ornaments all match... the fun real tree will be a family tree. Where all of our ornaments that we have gotten together will be, where one day our kids will put their ornaments. (YES Mom, I will let them put their handmade ornaments on the tree one day- see a girl can change right?!?!)
BUT I have to have a pretty tree. I have always wanted one. As long as I can remember I wanted to take home a tree from Macy's that had been professionally decorated! Where colored lights do not exist, and there are pretty glass ornaments everywhere!
Well tonight I decorate, while drinking hot coco, and of course, blasting the Christmas Music!

I hope that it turns out to be exactly what I have always wanted. I will put pictures of all the Christmas Decorations tomorrow... The theme is Red and Gold and there will be alot of it.

There will also be a big change for me this weekend as well... but more on that later...
and there will FOR SURE be pictures of that!

For now, I have two questions for all of you....

HOW DO YOU DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS????? AND DO YOU DECORATE OUTSIDE- WHAT IS SOMETHING THAT WE CAN DO THAT WOULD NOT BE TACKY!?!?! (And not cost me a fortune... no Clark Griswold ideas please! and no blow up snowmen in the yard either JM.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season... though it has just begun!


  1. Our colors are red and gold, too! So pretty! Watch out- our cat keeps climbing our yours might get that idea! For our outside decor, I just put lighted garland on the railings with big red bows and a wreath on the door! Have fun!

  2. Don't feel bad for us in public Accounting!! :)

  3. Love it! I put my tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving...just like my grandma did! I wish I had a place for a "fake" tree and a REAL day!!!!! And I'm sure my Mr. will hate every moment of it...however I love it :)

  4. I LOVE Christmas and all the decorating! I start Dec. 1st every year (except this year). And I don't believe in colored lights either lol. I have wreaths and a ton of decorations. I love Christmas lights on the houses too, we usually drive around during Dec to check out the lights, very cool.