Monday, December 6, 2010

Trimming the tree and a little makeover...

This was one of the best weekends I have ever had. It was SO productive!
Do you ever get that feeling... when the house is clean and everything is put away, that you have had a BILLION pound weight lifted off your shoulders?

Well that is how I am feeling RIGHT NOW!

Friday night was wonderful. Brian and Colleen, came over for a few drinks on their way to a football game... then we relaxed and went to bed early. Not a productive night, but was so nice to see them since we have not seen them in a while and to just RELAX. It was much needed and we knew that we had to get up early on Saturday...

Saturday morning I went up to see Pam Heagi. Since you do not know her... I can tell you a few things about her. 1. She is a ROCKSTAR! 2. She is THE BEST at her craft. 3. She can transform you into a BEAUTIFUL person in a few hours...

This is a picture of Pam, me (as a blonde), and our friend Beth.
as you can see... I had some serious blonde going on from the wedding... The damage was INSANE.

AND this is what Pam made me... A BRUNETTE.Sorry about the picture- however the camera on the new iPhone 4 is pretty awesome.

That was only in a matter of hours that she transformed me into a Sexy Brunette... Now not only does my hair feel better, but I do too! JM said that I was carrying myself differently... perhaps I feel a little sexier! AND I am EVEN wearing makeup!

I have been to SO many hair "Artists" over the years... and let me tell you... I WILL ONLY GO AND SEE PAM from now on. She is that wonderful. A Sheer Genius. And if you live in Atlanta- Quit going to see someone in Buckhead and make the trip to go see Pam. It was Oh-So-Worth-IT!

Saturday was my day to decorate! This year as I mentioned we are having a real tree and a fake one too! Here is the pretty fake one... This tree has all red and gold ornaments on it with an Angel on top!
I just love this tree... it is so pretty when you pass by the house you can see it from the street!

Now our real tree we went and got at Home Depot on Sunday morning. We went there last year to get one, and since they are beautiful trees- not to mention MUCH cheaper then going to a fancy place... but this year we added a little something to our Christmas Tree Tradition. We went to Waffle House for breakfast. It really was SO MUCH FUN... and the food- just the same greasy mess, which is always good. AND believe it or not... I would kinda like to keep that tradition and even take kids there one day. Sure Waffle House is right next to Home Depot and across the street from the "O" or Oasis: The Good Time Emporium. (AKA A trashy strip club) But it sure does make for some interesting people watching... maybe when the kids are older...

We came home and got started on the tree. I made a pot of Chili for dinner- delish, and got to cleaning as well.

The house was a WRECK. We had a dining room full of wedding gifts, and a living room full of stuff that we do not want. Well it is ALL put away! I even cleaned off the desk- and got going on the Thank you notes from the wedding! (If you are wondering why have you not gotten one... well WE are on it now! Will be there soon!)

IT feels SO great to have the house clean and decorated for Christmas. NOW bring on the parties!

This weekend we are having a tacky Christmas Sweater party then the following weekend we are having JM's Family Christmas Party! Both are going to be such a great time... I will keep you all posted with many pictures to come of both the parties, but for now... a few pictures for you!

(My favorite Ornaments- my parents got us these last year- They are a bride and groom)

(The German Couple from Helen GA- Last years Cabin Trip)

(Tilly and the Tree... She is being good- So far...)

and a little surprise for what is to come...

Hope that everyone had a very productive weekend- we sure did!!!!

~Happy Monday (and I never say that!) ~Mrs. McCracken


  1. You forgot to mention the 100% Pain.

  2. Love your hair and your iPhone case! Ha! Both are so pretty. Can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas decor pictures!

  3. Drewzilla- I love it- yes I should have mentioned the hot sauce that could kill someone!!!! Hope that you feel OK!

    Katie B. I will take a ton of pictures of them tonight! I have been meaning todo that and get the new camera software loaded on ym computer at home! Will be a post for this week for sure!

  4. Love the hair! Brown is definitely your color! and the tree looks so festive, can't wait to put mine up.

  5. Love the brown. I think I am going dark again for christmas!