Thursday, December 16, 2010

So a little late in updating here.... and as usual, no pictures to follow either. I just do not have time for that right now. There is little time for anything around the holidays!

Last weekend we had a party at our house. A Tacky Sweater Party. It was a blast- from what I heard... I, and a few others as well, had WAY WAY too many Rumplemintz shots. I had done that once in college... and somehow I had forgotten that it was 100 proof alcohol. 100 Proof means you will forget anything that happens and have to be put to bed...
Needless to say, I have sworn off drinking for the rest of my life. No lie. I wanted to die on Sunday... and Monday... and even a little on Tuesday.
It is Thursday and I am just feeling like myself again.

Enough of that...

We had a great time, the clean up was a pain... but still worth the party!

This weekend we are at it again... another party. Hopefully this one will be a little more low-key. Not. What am I saying this one is JM's family party... and they are a BLAST! I still will not be drinking. At all. BUT at least that way I will know that there will not be that much of a mess to even clean up and that I will remember the end of the night as well...

Then next weekend... Christmas. Is everyone ready? Usually, I have pretty presents with pretty bows under the tree... Well not this year. I mean I have barely had time for every one's Thank You notes from the wedding! (BUT I have set a deadline on that one... January 15th. )

I have wrapped gifts, but they were all for the Adopt-A-Family that I mentioned in the last post! JM and I took the presents up there last week, and today they are delivering them to the organization... JM in a Santa Suit and ALL! I hope to get some pictures of that...

We have been so busy lately with so many little things at night that when we finally get done with house keeping it is time for bed... now if only it didn't takeover an hour to get home at night. Man, I am SO sick of this commute, I mean 60 miles. 60 MILES A DAY!!!! Over it. Big TIME.
One day... one day...

Well enough of my ranting, it is Christmas time and there is stuff to be done! Fun stuff like baking, wrapping, and of course finishing buying all of the gifts as well!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

Mrs. McCracken

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