Thursday, December 9, 2010

Families First... How can we make a difference?

So the other day I got really upset.
Why you ask?

Well it started with reading a few different blogs. One person asked what we wanted for Christmas... Right before I was going to put something materialistic (read: Pair of Rebok shoes that tone my ass) I started reading what other people had put first. Of course there were things like a new camera, new shoes, new whatever... but the last two I read killed me. One was asking for more time with their families because they had stage 4 cancer, and the other was asking to not have her chemo on the 23rd because she knew she would be so sick and might miss her daughters first Christmas. This BROKE. MY. HEART. And I cried. At my desk.

Not only did this make me realize how lucky that I am, our families are, and all of our friends too. But it made me want to be able to help with whatever I can.

I remember growing up that my family and many in the neighborhood would each adopt a family from the Women's Shelter in Atlanta. My parents would take the mom shopping for her kids and themselves and make the biggest difference in their lives during the holiday season.
I cannot even remember why we all stopped the tradition...

(insert more crying here)

So of course I emailed JM with how upset I am about this, and started looking at all of the different ways that we could help this year. Toys for Tots, donations, anything to help...

Well turns out JM's company has sponsored a family through Adopt-A-Family this year! I was so excited when I get the family's list, sizes, etc. I decided that I should take one of the kids and get them some clothes, shoes, etc. UNTIL I called JM's offices front desk coordinator, Lorraine. I have not even met her and I am in love with this woman! She is just so sweet!!! I called her this morning to find out what they might need, and also to see what people have already given. (This is when I really started tearing up) She told me that there was only 1 gift under the tree for the family. A few books. Maybe. It could just be one. And that they are taking donations at her desk as well for a Wal-Mart Gift Card.
Let's just say I freaked out! ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME.
I know that they gave us a wish list, but this also means that if we have any gently used linens, or towels, or anything... it would be wonderful.

I know that not everyone has something to give, I know that the economy is shit right now, I know that people are worried about their job saftey, and Christmas for their own kids. I know all of this... I get it. I do not know one person who has not been hurt by this shit- economy.

But those that are doing great, just do not seem to care. OR hopefully they will be coming in late with last minute donations. Hopefully. I am hopeful. I really am...

Because when they all see me, the wife of an employee, show up with a car full of pretty packages for this family. I hope that they all shit themselves. Or at least feel bad enough to bring out their wallets and donate.

I called my mom to let them know about this family in need as well... and guess what? We are going shopping today for them.

This year I hope to make their Christmas great. Better than great. Target today... then tonight I will be going through my clothes since the girl just so happens to be around my size, the linen closet... anything that we may have to make their house a home.
AND Amy, a friend at work, just gave me TWO large bags of clothes for the daughter- that is for you Lorraine.

Since we have gotten so many wonderful wedding gifts, we have not taken the time to go through all of the stuff we had before. It is all almost new.. and it is going to all be going to a great place this Christmas!!!

I just wish that I could see the Christmas smiles that this family will have! I want nothing more than for this family to truly experience the magic in Christmas...

Are you doing anything to help this year? If so let me know! I want to hear! And if not- I hope that this post might have inspired a few of you to help as well. If you don't have a cause you want to help... let me know. You can help make this family's Christmas magic too!

~Mrs. Claus... I mean Mrs. McCracken


  1. We are doing Adopt-A-Family through Doug's office, too. It is such a great way to help out!

  2. Tom and I, as well as my parents, are donating toys to Toys-for-Tots. I have also donated to the Empty Stocking Fund through my company to help get gifts for needy children around the city of Atlanta (so far, my company alone has raised over $10,000!). My parents have already donated through a program called Operation Shoebox which gives a shoebox full of age-appropriate items to children (not necessarily toys, could be school items, really anything they need). We are also giving through another program to a 15 year old boy with gifts he requested to help in his workouts. :)

  3. This is wonderful Katie! We have a giving tree at work. I normally get 2 kids and spoil them (even thought they only ask for a pair of shoes).

    This is the part of Christmas I love, and the meaning behind it all:)

  4. At work we did an adopt a family as well. We raised money, did a 50/50 at the company Christmas party. I always feel so bad knowing that some don't get anything for Christmas. Good idea! It'll be the best gift you get this year.

  5. I think it's great you are thinking of so many others during this time of year. My junior league group adopted a teen mom and her daughter for Christmas. Such simple things were on her list...things we take for granted and pick up without a second thought on a trip to Wal Mart or Target. It really makes you appreciate the many blessings God has given us.

    On a different note - I'm doing well! Love that you purchased the cutting board. I was going to do a giveaway with it and they are sold out. Boo! I love Pioneer Woman! Great recipes. Enjoy :)