Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is on your Christmas List???

I know that you are all on Santa's "Good List" this year... I mean, he is checking it twice after all.

Well in the McCracken house this year we have VERY short Christmas lists...

I mean what else could we possibly need after so many wonderful friends and family gave us the world for our wedding! Coming up with a list this year is pretty hard... It never was before...
I remember wanting dolls, clothes, makeup, games, candy, stuffed animals, the list could go on forever... and I always remember how happy we all were on Christmas mornings, Dad's scrambled eggs, and eating chocolate oranges too. We would wait at the top of the stairs for mom and dad to tell us to run down to see if Santa had brought us anything! Holly (our family dog) would beat us down and jump all over us while we were racing to see what Santa had laid out in all of our spots.

This year is a little different. I don't know if we (because it is a "We" not not just an "I") will be staying at my parents and waking up there... Holly passed away and is not there to chase us down the stairs. I mean it was her holiday after all... Our Holly Jolly Christmas. I guess we just grow up and Christmas changes... but it will be just as wonderful as this is our first Christmas together!

We are "foodies" and love to cook, most people know that so we did get everything for the kitchen with our wedding gifts! So we do not need another kitchen-anything!(Promise Thank You notes are getting done) We know that I do not need anymore clothes, actually I need to give some away! There are just too many of them, I don't wear half of it, and there is simply not enough room. We do not need any more gadgets... except....

NEW IPHONE'S!!!! Well we decided to meet yesterday at AT&T and get some new phones! We are both iPhone fans (I don't care if you hate them, but I am an Apple girl over here), and once we found out that we could upgrade... Why not? Plus have you seen the lines at AT&T or at The Apple Store after Thanksgiving? No thank you. And JM- that is one of our gifts... Merry Christmas!
I am obsessed with all of the different photo apps and the cooking apps as well... Food Network App? HELL YES!

Back to the Christmas list... since the iPhones are off it now...
We have decided that we are getting each other a nice camera for Christmas... (as in going in on ONE camera together)
There have been so many times that I have wished that we had a better quality camera because our picture quality with the point and shoot I have now are well... Crappy.

I need help from all of you ladies and gentleman out there... What kind of camera do you have? Why do you love it?

I am doing the research on this and I am liking the Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S and the Canon EOS Rebel XSi EF-S... After comparing them both I love the T1i!

If this is something that we are going to have for a long time, take a ton of pictures that are the proof of the memories that we have made, then shouldn't we get a nice camera? I mean I don't want crappy pictures of us, our one-day babies,family, friends, etc! I want to be able to have wonderful pictures of even more wonderful memories... That is what it is all about right? and I want a kick- ass camera to capture all of the magic of the wonderful memories that we have yet to make... I mean vacations, taking little ones to the beach for the first time, Disney World, ALL holiday's, Birthdays, every little memory that I will never want to forget. Guess we do need a good camera huh?

So for all of you who have a nice camera, have one on your wish list this year, or if you happen to know a thing or two about them... help a girl out!

What is on your wish list this year??? and What are you obsessing over lately?
Me- iPhone and a new camera... I am getting excited just thinking about all of the wonderful pictures I could take on Christmas morning! Christmas Smiles are the biggest ones ya know?

Happy Wednesday!
Mrs. McCracken


  1. I'd like my wedding dress, a personal trainer for the last 3 months before the wedding, and a day of coordinator! HAHA!!!!

    Miss you hunny! Congratulations again

  2. The i-phone's camera is fabulous.... but Rebel rocks my world!

  3. I want an i-phone so badly...sigh, I have Verizon. I'm getting a Kindle for Christmas! I know a lot of people wouldn't want to read a book from a computer screen...but I read so many books and waste a ton of money on silly books just to give me something to do for a few hours. I'm also getting canvas prints from and a new iPod shuffle for running.

  4. Note...not all of that is from my hubby ;) I've divided it among my parents, in-laws and hubby.

  5. Katie B. I love it! I have the Kindle and it is AWESOME! It really does save money (in the end of course) and saves some clutter as well!
    and about the iPhone- you can have my old one... I am selling it and you can have them unlock it from AT&T and use it at Verizon- they do it all the time! I love it and could not live with out it!
    Jean Gray- Rebel is where it is at.. I want one SO BAD!

    Rachel- I love you! I miss you too... and I know that your day will be perfect! Let me know if I can help with anything!

  6. Oh girl! My Christmas list has already gone out, due to a request. HA. Believe it or not, I thought I didn't want much of anything (until I just started making a list)... I certainly know I don't need any of it. But I think Christmas is about wanting and giving and just celebrating baby Jesus. I did put clothes on there. I guess just some cute tops/sweaters to go with the pants that I have. :) And you can never have too many boots or shoes, so of course that is on there. I did put a new TV for our BR.. my college one has got to go.
    But things I really want.. A DOG (Brian wants to vito this), TV, walls in my basement.
    I want a nice camera one day too... but not for Christmas this year, hmm maybe my birthday.

    I do feel you on the changes of Christmas when it becomes a "We/us/our" Christmas. We will be waking up at Brian's, so that means no waiting at the top of the stairs or dad putting Christmas music on... but I am excited to see how Brian's family does it, because until now I have either worked Christmas eve or they did not live in GA. Oh the joys of being married and having holidays with the ones you love.

    I hope y'all have a fabulous first holiday's together :)

  7. I got a Rebel a few years ago... and still love it! I just upgraded my lens and got a zoom lens too! You'll probably love playing with it just as much as I do!