Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 2...

Topic: Meaning of the name of your blog...

Well I cannot take credit for the name. JM can though....

When I first decided to take on this wild adventure of sitting at a computer and "blogging" I could not think of a single name for this site. Nothing. So of course, I ask JM.

We had come up with a new different names that were all dumb. We were trying to think about stuff that had to do with us getting married, combining our names in some way... still nothing. Until he sent me an email saying "My crack in the Grigsby Life" .
I thought that it was simple and great! It was about this "crack" not like drug crack.. more like the divide or fault line so-to-speak... Plus MyCrackIn is so very similar to McCracken the Grigsby Life!

On to other news...

Have you checked out all of the Black Friday ads???

I have! We have been to all the websites and have even expanded our Christmas List in the McCracken house!
We have decided that we are not getting each other anything... but we are getting stuff for the BOTH of us. It is about the two of us now right?

Well the updated Christmas List went from iPhones (got those) and a camera... now we have added a TV for our bedroom and a new Washer and Dryer! The deals are just too good, not to mention the TV in our bedroom should be on the wall in the den, and the washer and dryer... well they are as old as me!

Got a big weekend planned.. Hope that you all have a great weekend!

OH and how could I have forgotten to mention! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

~Mrs. McCracken

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