Thursday, November 18, 2010

A 30 day Blog Challenge??? Day 1

I have seen a few people do a 30 day blog challenge... and I think that it is about time for me to do this.

Most recently I have read the 30-day Challenge from Julie from The Smitten Mintons ( - if it didnt link)
Julie seems to be having the greatest time doing this! I was friends with her brother in school, and she is few years younger... but secretly I read her 30 day challenge and I love hearing about her new married life with Doug, their wedding (BEAUTIFUL), apartment, job hunting, and her cat. All great women love cats, so of course I am a big fan of hers! (Julie, sorry I totally didnt even ask permission about this, but I knew that you wouldn't mind?!) and of course if she is doing it then I want to too! Isn't the blog world great?

I totally think that I can do this too... and it will motivate me to blog about something everyday... and not sit at a blank screen waiting on it to write itself...

Along with the challenge I am sure that I will post other topics in with the Day's Topic that I am on...
So let's begin the madness, shall we?

Day 1: Introduce yourself, Current Picture, and 15 interesting facts...

My name is Katie McCracken. I am a 20-something year old girl who lives in Dunwoody, GA. I am a Buyer Relations Director. I love life, my husband, and our kitties- who are more like children...

Me at our wedding 10-30-10. Right before JM tossed the garter. All of the single guys surprised me by singing "You've lost that lovin' feelin'" Best. Night. Ever. (and yes we dyed the crinoline blue... It was awesome!)

15 Interesting facts about yours truly...

1. My first word was "Shoe" and I am Daddy's little girl through and through. He can always save the day! and has many a times. I will never forget when he walked me down the aisle. Still brings tears to my eyes.

2. My real name is Kathryn and sometimes I prefer it...

3. I am the only girl, and have two younger (but not by much) brothers. Chip and Will. They best brothers in the whole wide world!

4. I love the color blue and using the word magic to describe anything or anyone who brings a smile to my face- that Christmas Morning Smile... that is magic ladies and gentleman.

5. I am scared of the dark, being home alone, and bugs...

6. I want a baby. I want one next year. A boy would be perfect... but a girl would be pretty sweet too. Not trying now... so don't ask.

7. I love celebrating the Holidays- all of them. Thanksgiving is huge and Christmas... Well it is nothing short of magic... cannot wait for Christmas music.

8. I am a lover of Apple products... even though I write this mostly from a Windows computer. (I am at work!)

9. I prefer cats over dogs... unless they act like cats (Louie and Foxie are the exception- my parents Pomeranian's)

10. I graduated from college at Georgia Southern in 4 YEARS... witha double major and a minor... Even I am impressed by that!

11. I love to read. I always have... I can tune anything or anyone out if I am reading a book. I get lost in the story... it is like I am there.

12. I didn't always want kids... I used to want to graduate college and move to NYC and never look back! Pretty much wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw.

13. The second I fell in love with JM... all of that changed. I wanted kids, I wanted to hang up my heels and move to the suburbs just to be with him... Everything with him is magic. Serious kind of love huh?

14. My favorite fruit maybe a perfect summer peach... with vanilla bean ice cream of course!

15. My favorite thing to do? Wake up with the man that I love everyday for the rest of my life. (Even though he has to drag me out of bed every morning and lectures me on how I sleep too late and might be late for work!)

and just to be an over-achiever...

16. My mom is my best friend. I love her and look up to her so much! I mean I never would have thought that at 16, but what 16 year old thinks that? She can make any nightmare turn into your fairytale... One day I want to be just like her. Seriously. She can do anything. Oh and she is magical... right now she is currently turning a tiny apartment into a palace for my brother in NYC- guess he is living my dream right? I would love for them to write a book on how to be the best parents and raise kids right- I would follow it to a T.

That is me... and the next 30 days??? Probably more about me, but I am really looking forward to some of the topics. It is going to be fun! Stay tuned...

Loving life, and i hope that you are too- Mrs. McCracken


  1. Katie! I'm so glad you are doing this! It's really fun and forces you to write! And thanks for the shout out :) ("smitten" in the link is spelled with an 'e'...I had to google it before I created my blog just to make sure! :) Can't wait to read yours for the next 30 days!

  2. Oh I just love this idea. I can't wait to read about it :)

  3. WHEW! You and Julie are courageous! I am excited to read your posts for the next 30 days!

    Love love love this! Have fun! xoxo