Friday, November 19, 2010

Missed a few days already... Blog Challenge Update... Longest Post ever.

So I even had already written Day 3 of the Challenge... Did I get it posed? No. I had one of the busiest days yet Saturday... From Betsey and Paul's house (JM's wonderful Aunt and Uncle) in the morning to a real antique auction, Home Depot, Target, and then Brandsmart... it was a busy day. Then we celebrated again... Jeff's belated Birthday. Birthday's are big with our friends. We had a wonderful dinner in Buckhead then went to the club. I am NOT so much of a club fan anymore. It was a blast when I first moved to Buckhead... We partied like we were rock stars.
Then Sunday? Well I was the rock star. I made a complete Thanksgiving Feast for me and dear JM, and our friends Pam and Jeff. Turkey, homemade dressing, homemade green bean casserole- NOT FROM ANY CANS HERE- and spicy cranberry sauce. I will post about dinner in another post!

So this was written, but not posted...

Well Happy reading everyone!

This was written Saturday...

Have I ever blogged on a Saturday? No.. I have not. I have been at a wedding every Saturday pretty much for a year!

Last night was wonderful! We went to have a drink with one of JM's friends from college then we had our own date night to celebrate. We went home after Happy Hour and relaxed! Was so nice...
Celebrate what you are asking... Well we are out of credit card debt! How great is that?
I know that there a ton of people doing Dave Ramsey's program (that I know nothing about I might add) and that is WONDERFUL for them. Me... luckily, I married an accountant. It is so crazy to me that he can do some serious math all in his head. He sees numbers, and I see colors. It works for us though!

Well today is DAY 3 on Blog Challenge...

Your Spouse!

Well JM is the love of my life. He is so sweet, caring, and devilishly handsome. I could go on and on about how much I love and appreciate him and everything that he does for me... but I am trying not to get cheesy here.

He is the best husband a girl could as for... only 3 weeks into the forever part though!

JM is the best cook I know as well. (Sorry mom!) He gets so excited about planning dinners for friends and family. And he is even more excited about all of the kitchen stuff that we got as wedding gifts! We both cannot wait to use them all! He takes such pride in what he is serving for dinner it makes me melt. Now he is a cook... not a baker. I am the baker in the house. One day his dream would be to leave the accounting world and open a place of our own! How fun would that be!?

It is so sweet when he comes home in the evening and give me a hug and kiss after a long day. Then he scoops up his Baby Girl (cats name) and loves on her too.
She knows that he is "her human" and it is too cute!

I know that he will one day be the best father in the whole world to our kids. And I cannot wait to fall in love with him all over again once we do have a little one.
(seriously, I know I am talking about a baby two days in a row- still not happening yet)

He is the man of my dreams, my Knight in Shining Armour, my Prince Charming, and I get to call him my husband for the rest of my life! I never thought that taking up a friend on a blind date would have ever led to this happily-ever-after-fairytale- that I get to call "life".
He makes waking up everyday an adventure. Makes me smile when am sad, and can always make a cloudy day turn into blue skies!

JM, Darling... I know that you read this and that makes me love you even more. You are my everything and without you I would be forever lost. You are my better half, and I cannot wait to spend all of eternity loving you.



Today I am at home cooking up a storm! JM went to play soccer and I have been preparing a feast. Thanksgiving Feast. I really wanted to cook my own Thanksgiving this year.... since we are having lunch with my side, and dinner with his we will not even have the chance to make it for ourselves.
Day 4 is..
Your Parents...

Charlie and Paula

They are awesome. I know that I have mentioned them before in many posts...

I am truly a Daddy's girl and my Mom is my best friend. They really are the best parents anyone could ask for. IF they would write a parenting book... I would follow it to a T because I am somewhat normal.

They always put us first- at least it seemed that way... My mom was a stay at home mom, which to me is one of the hardest, most challenging, yet the most rewarding job at the same time. We went everywhere with her, and she still made time for playing and fun! She had dinner made- most of the time when Dad got home and on the table.
Seriously... this is what my dream job is. Stay at Home Mom... I cannot wait for that to be my job title. IF I am lucky enough to be able to stay home... I will jump on it for sure!

My Dad is the greatest. HE is superman. He beat and survived Cancer- more like kicked it's ass... and didn't let it kick his.
He can play the guitar, he always knows how to fix anything, is a Mac whiz, and makes the best scrambled eggs EVER. He is also my best friend. If I was ever upset about anything... he always knew how to make it better... or make me realize that shit happens and that it will get better.

Holidays at the Grigsby house were always so important. Thanksgiving is when the whole family extended and all comes to their house and has a party. Not just any party. I am talking bon fires, guitars, and sometimes the cops have shown up to make sure that everything is fine... That kind of party.
Christmas... we count down until it is here! Christmas mornings were the biggest deal. We woke up, waited on Mom and Dad then flew down the stairs to see what Santa had gotten us.
I cannot recall a time in history that we didn't get what we asked Santa for. (I never asked for a Pony though so that is probably why!)
Christmas was not just about gifts, it was more about family. We listened to Nat King Cole and were all in PJ's all day... We watched Christmas Story all day. Dad made breakfast... and we all had each other.

It will be sad not waking up there on Christmas morning for the first time in my 26 years. JM and I still have not decided what we are going to do for holidays just yet though...

My parents rock. They party with us, but at the same time... They are the worlds best parents. I love you both SO much!

Day 5: MY Siblings...

My brothers are AWESOME. Sometimes crazy fun. Sometimes just crazy- but that is what family is right?

They are Chip, 25, and Will, 22. They are both also my best friends. IF your family is not your best friends first... to me then that is just sad. Plus it is best that I never had a sister. I am sure that I would have eaten her alive... Brothers can keep up... or beat you up.
Growing up with Chip and Will was not easy all the time. We fought like crazy. I mean like pushing down the stairs... murdering baby dolls and Barbie dolls.. and fire.
They would take my dolls and rip their heads off, cut their hair off, or melt their feet to the driveway... I would SCREAM like hell at them and cry to mom of course. I was not all that innocent either though.

Chip and Will fought the most I think... I even remember a time at the kitchen table where a stabbing occurred... with a fork of course! Will stabbed Chip in the arm with a fork. It was hilarious... but that was kinda normal in the house.

We played games and fought about who won. We had a weekly rotation at the kitchen counter as to who got to sit in the front seat and have the remote to the TV... The front seat had special powers you know? We fought about crossing the line in the car. You know the seam in the upholstery... that was the line. If you crossed onto the other side- you were going to get hit hard, but those were the rules. I am convinced this is why I can hit hard like a guy...

BUT there were also times that we all got along. Holidays, birthdays, and vacations especially. We all get along great now. You grow out of the fighting. The fighting makes you normal in the end.

Chip now lives in Manhattan. He is just so cool. Seriously he is. He has a fabulous city life now after living in Costa Rica out of college... two totally different places in the world and he can rock them both out.
HE knows how to party more than anyone I have ever met... I know I had to pick him up at the bars in college. But he is always a great time and might be the best gift giver ever. He is very creative, fluent in Spanish, and is so motivated to make it work in NYC right now it is crazy... He is also the most creative cook I know- but plan to eat late if he is cooking!

Will is the baby of the family. Only because he is the youngest. He is still in school to be in Film Production. He will rock that out and be the next Martin Scorsese. He has an eye for detail and an ear for music like i have never seen. He is the most creative out of us 3. Will knows how to party as well... like a rock star, but even he had to pick Chip up at the bar....

Chip- you know I am just giving you a hard time.

I love you both so much. I would not be the person that I am with out all of them in my life. I would not. I would be boring if it were not for them scaring me, fighting with me, teaching me, and growing up with me.
This is what I want for our kids... To grow up just like I did.

and then TODAY... Tuesday

Day 6: A picture of something that makes me happy...

Well this is a tall order for me. There are SO many pictures that make me happy! BUT this one comes to mind...

Look at what he got me!
Yes those are my rings... JM is a bad ass at picking out and designing something wonderful- among other things.

This picture makes me so happy because it was the first day that we went to the beach on our Honeymoon. We were so excited that the sun was out and that we were on the beach...

Every time I look at my left hand my heart skips a beat. (Cheesy right?) I know that they are beautiful- but it is so much more than that. It is what they mean. and I cannot even sum that up in words with out crying. So I am not going to... not here.

Well now I am on track! Hope that you all enjoyed the longest post I will ever write...

I hope that everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving all week... We are. Today is Thanksgiving at work, and I am not only so thankful to have a job, but to be working along side some awesome girls and guys here... They are awesome and I love them all!

Happy Tuesday...

xoxo~Mrs. McCracken

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