Monday, November 8, 2010


We made it back from the beach. It was the best trip we could have asked for! (All things considered...)

I think that this massive "Wedding Post" might be broken into smaller parts. But maybe not... I am just going to let it flow as I remember most of that entire weekend of awesomeness.
(and I do not have pictures yet from the photographer so bare with me on that one these are from Facebook)

Well two weeks ago I took of work on Wednesday... we still had a few last minute things to do with the wedding. Not much at all, but I felt that I really needed the day to try to relax and get it done before it all ya know?
Thursday was spent cleaning and baking. Why baking you may ask? Well it relaxes me, plus I really love it when people say how good the house smells, or how good the pumpkin bread I made is... So I cleaned, baked, fixed the house, lit candles, and tried to relax while waiting on our guests to arrive. I had made Guest baskets for everyone who came and stayed at the house! Pumpkin Bread, candles, and cookies of course!
Thursday night Erin and Frank, and Whitney and Bryan came in town and we all met up with a few friends that were in town at The W's Whiskey Blue in Buckhead. However the real reason we were all out... Jeff's Birthday! We just had to do something to celebrate with him...
and Bryan... well our Jersey boy had never been out and about in Atlanta! So we had to change that and quick! (I was laughing too hard!)

Friday was crazy...
Jean Gray and Nate came into town in the morning and all of us girls got ready to go to the Bridesmaids Luncheon at Cafe Niko in Buckhead. It was delish. All of the girls made it and we had a great time...
A few girls came back to the house with me to get ready to leave for the Rehearsal after that.

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner were SO MUCH FUN! The dinner was done all by JM and his family.

We had a whole pig (BBQ of course!), BBQ Chicken, and of course all of the sides!
John Michael's mom made EVERY. SINGLE. TABLECLOTH. and every decoration of course with the help of Rachel and Sarah... my new wonderful sisters!

JM with all 12 of the Groomsmen

Me and my parents

Me... eating of course!

Then the entire day of the wedding was PERFECT. PERFECT WEATHER... just everything was so so special to both of us... and there were a few moments that we got to take it all in too. I will leave you with some pictures of the day of the wedding... getting ready, then Church and then Reception! I can really only day that my shoes hurt so damn bad that I had to get rid of those and quick during the pictures... Once they were off.. I was spinning and floating on cloud nine. I did the whole night barefoot. From the end of pictures, down the aisle, dancing the night away, and even to when I changed into the short wedding dress to leave the night... Even was carried over our own doorstep to our house barefoot. AND that I would not change for the world. Sure my feet were sick and black as the night, but I didn't care at all. And I am sure that no one noticed either...

The whole day and night were MAGIC... Just like a fairy tale. Our own fairy tale... and I would not change one single moment of the entire day. It truly was the dream that I had envisioned all along.
Everyone says that time goes by way too fast that day and to "soak it all in- you only get one wedding day" I can say that it DID go by too fast... but I remember every minute.

Here are some pictures from everyone that we love- who also posted them on facebook!

Getting ready in the morning! Me and mom... she looked SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Getting ready at church...
Me and my girls...

Family pictures!

A few flowers... center piece and mantel...

JM with his girls... Whitney, Erin, and Jean Gray... and First Dance!

Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss!


Me and mom "taking in" all of our hard work!

and finally Mr and Mrs. McCracken!

and I have one questions for all of you.... What should I blog about now? What should I name this blog? Help a girl out!

Hope that you have a great night! I will blog about the beach trip and Honeymoon soon!
The new Mrs. McCracken


  1. don't change the name of the blog silly! it still has relevance...keep it...

  2. Love it! It was such a beautiful night. We had a blast. Love you both.

  3. You look beautiful, and your dress is amazing.
    You should just blog about the newlywed life!

  4. You were a beautiful bride and your centerpieces were so ridiculously fabulous! I'm sorry you didnt get to go to Sandals, hopefully you will get a rain check!