Monday, January 24, 2011

A fresh page...

So what do you think???
Well I am in LOVE with the new design that Penny Lane Designs has come up with! It is a Prefab Design that I fell in love with!
The yellow and gray- perfect! and EXACTLY what I was looking for!

If you are in need of a face life- for your blog of course- then hop on over to her site! It is wonderful!

So did everyone have a wonderful weekend? I DID!

Saturday started with a shopping trip to the fabric store with my mom! We went to Forsyth Fabric and Lewis & Sheron Fabrics over off of Howell Mill (from those of you familiar with Atlanta!) We got a TON of samples for the house. I have some wonderful ideas... now to put them into motion!

Speaking of ideas into motion... We did a little work around the house!

Starting with a little makeover on some chairs...



These are obviously our dining room chairs... I just love the formal print. JM's mom had this left over from a project! So it was FREE! (Of course JM's mom did the chairs... I was a little scared with the Air Compressor attached to a staple gun! So I cannot take the credit!) I will learn though...

AND Can you believe that we have a TON I mean a TON of this left...

(That is JM under all of that fabric! It was twice as long as the living room! We have a ton left- I see drapes next!)

After me and my mom went to the fabric store we tried out a new restaurant that we had heard RAVE reviews about... Flip Burger Boutique. It was amazing. One of the best burgers in Atlanta.
Here are a few shots from lunch Saturday!

(My Burger- Bacon and American Cheese)

(Mom's burger- Blue Cheese and pickled shallots)

(Handcut fries and Vodka battered Onion Rings- taste better than beer batter)

(Nutella Milkshake with Toasted marshmallows!- that was AMAZING!)

Now that was NOT part of my OR my mother's diet plan... but damn it was good!
If you are in the Midtown area you must check it out! There will be a line- but it is oh-so-worth it!

Next up... The Craft Room!

I DID take pictures... but of course you will have to come back to read more on that later! I don't have the "Before" pictures with me now... and what fun would that be to only see it finished!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend... We sure did!

PS. I might actually be getting the hang of this blogging thing... See that? there are links in this post!

Happy Monday! (and you know I never say that!)


  1. I love the new design! Looks great! And I definitely need to get one of their burgers now!

  2. Yes you do Julie- after you go to Flip Burger go to Holeman and Finch. That is the BEST burger I have EVER had... But go to Flip first, trust me... H & F is so good it will ruin anything else.

  3. I didnt even seen JM under the fabric!!

  4. Love your new design! And, I'm planning to recover my dining room chairs too! Yours turned out beautifully!

  5. Love the change in the chairs!! Isn't it funny how a bit of fabric can totally change furniture?! Awesome. I have a rocking chair I need to recover...someday lol. And I really like the new blog design too, I'm a big fan of damask.

  6. I am LOVING your new blog design and your Before/After! WOO HOO! Everything looks so good! xoxo