Thursday, January 6, 2011


So the start of the new year has been wonderful.

We have been eating better at the McCracken house, going to the gym, and today...

Yup... Make-up. At my desk. Hey- at least I got it on!
I even look cute today and have straight hair!

I have done all of that because tonight... tonight we are celebrating!
It my dear friend Jamie's Birthday on Friday! That means a girls night, and I cannot wait. It is long over due and I need it so much.
So dinner and drinks tonight in Woodstock. I cannot wait!

Then this weekend... it is going to be HUGE. Well maybe. Hopefully.

Friday night I am cleaning out my car. It needs it. BAD.

This is Blue or the "Flexus" as JM says... I never gave her a name, but she has taken me down many paths in my life and been an awesome car.

Blue is getting replaced!
We hope! I love the car we have found, and according to JM, I am already in the car and off the lot! So we have to drive it, make sure that we love it, ya know all that jazz. BUT we have been talking with the dealership (JM's Best Man (Sam) works there, and has offered us a WONDERFUL deal, one that you do not refuse) and the car is perfect and EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Here she is... Meet the Lincoln MKX.

You can't say that she isn't pretty!

I am so excited to go and see it, drive it, and beg JM to let me have this one... I will even offer to drive on our next trip and let him sit in the back and watch a movie! That's right... there is a DVD player in the back! There is even heat and A/C seats! Really excited about that!
My Dad also has a Lincoln MKZ (the Sedan) and he loves it! Esp. the A/C Seats in the summer! Who ever thought to put A/C in a seat is a GENIUS!

We will see, I will keep you posted on the car... and take a ton of pictures if we leave with it.

This weekend we are also starting Project #1. Organizing the master closet- I can promise pictures to come on that. It is a disaster and I cannot believe that we have let it get this way. JM's areas are clean, mine not so much. Then again I do use all 4 of the closets in the house, so it is time for me to condense, get it all together and get back to being organized.

So 2011, I am ready for you. We are going to organize, clean, and start this already growing list of projects that will be completed this year. There are so so many projects that we want to do around the house... and I promise to do posts on all of them!

So watch out here we come!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!

~Mrs. McCracken


  1. Love your new car! I'm in need of a new car and we plan to bite the bullet in about a year. What will you do with your Lexus? I love those SUVs and would love to have a Lexus or a Volvo SUV. May need to get the dealership you are working with!

  2. Katie B. The Lexus is either being sold to my mother-in-law OR we are going to trade it in... We have not figured that out yet!
    AND I wanted the Volvo SOOO BAD! BUT it was rated terrible on Consumer Reports! Plus they are WAY expensive for what you get- the ride is not as nice as the lexus is either. So we scratched the Volvo!
    Hopefully we will be getting the car... I am hopeful!

  3. Sounds like you are progressing nicely on your list! New cars are super exciting! And sweet photos!!

  4. hey!! you put your camera to work?!?!?! I remember vowing to wear makeup and dress nicer to work on my 25th bday. It's hard sometimes, but it's amazing the looks and the different treatment you get when you LOOK nice...and it makes you FEEL better :)

  5. Come leave me a comment so I can get crafty!! :) haha

  6. Hey girl! Thanks SO MUCH for your blog comment today. Really appreciate it : )

    Congrat's on the new car that is soon to be in driveway! Woot woot!!