Monday, January 17, 2011

and I am back!

WOW! I have been MIA lately.

Well... WE GOT THE CAR from my last post! I absolutely love it! I feels so much more like driving a car then an SUV. JM loves it too!

So this weekend we went to Birmingham, AL to visit our dear friends Dave and Jill. We had such a great time! We were also SO GLAD to get out of our house! and I even got to watch a movie on the way there!(Twilight of course!) It was so nice to sit in the back and watch a movie while JM drove! (don't worry he got his turn on the way home to watch a documentary)

Last week, we were stuck at home (so was everyone else in Atlanta) for 3 days... and by day 2 we were ready to get out.

BUT a few good things can come from being at home and bored for so long.
We cleaned out the master closet!
We got the house back in order and clean.
We also went through the entire linen closet an refolded everything and have 5 trash bags now to donate!

Staying home was great, but I think that we were both ready to be back at work (and those words never fly out of my mouth!)

While we were home I didn't feel like even looking at a computer screen- I should have posted something while I had the time- OR I should have gotten my camera's software uploaded onto the computer....
Oh well. I did get 50+ Thank You notes done in ONE DAY! So this weekend I have to finish the rest and get them all mailed out!

ON to important news...
AS you may know JM and I love to cook or try new places. SO whenever we go out of town we like to try local restaurants... nothing chain because we can get that at home!
While in B'Ham we went to a place for brunch on Saturday (Help me JM- I cannot remember the name) and they had a BLOODY MARY BAR!
We each ordered one... and they bring you a glass of vodka on the rocks... Half full of course.
Then you go over to the side of the bar and they have a few different mixes to choose from and all of the fixings to go with them!
(OF course I had to have one...)
Mine was Whiskey Willy's with horseradish, tons of black pepper, a few pickled Okra, and a lime. No salt on the rim!
Was the best drink on a Saturday morning...

and now I am finding myself wanting one this morning... I mean shouldn't every office have a Bloody Mary Bar? No?... Oh well. Happy Monday.

xoxo-Mrs. McCracken


  1. Horseradish? Eek! Although after the morning I've had, I would probably join you for that drink! lol. Love the car!

  2. I promise to come back more... just have not had much to say! LOL!