Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fun...

So I have not been around much lately because well... we don't have that much going on.

So here is some of the randomness that makes up our lives.

I have been eating this almost everyday this week for lunch... and it is AMAZING.

(Shot with iPhone 4 camera- pretty sweet huh?)

A veggie sandwich on a bagel.
But... it is SO MUCH MORE than that- AND keeps me full until dinner!
Here it is....

The cast of characters:
Sesame Bagel- toasted of course.
Onion and Chive Cream Cheese
Tomatoes (I can only find "Campari" tomatoes right now and they are amazing!)
Red Onion
Bean Sprouts
Spinach Leaves

Toast Bagel and slice all of the veggies (except the bean sprouts and spinach)
Once bagel is done spread on cream cheese and let is melt a little (this is key to making it that much better!)
Then layer on veggies however you like. I found that it was easiest to put on tomatoes on first and stick them in the cream cheese really good so they stay put!
(Yes I do love how formal those instructions were- NOT!)
*** You can omit anything that you want- or add turkey too and it will be just as great!

(Shot with Hipstamatic camera for iPhone 4)

So that has been my obsession this week.

AND I have been looking at fabric for window treatments that JM's Momma is making for us! She is AWESOME! and if you are in the Atlanta area and are in need of some custom window treatments, then contact me!

Here is what I love...

Obviously I will not have a blue trim on them, but a gray-ish tan color on the trim...
I think that they are wonderful! These will go in the kitchen bay window (So there will be 3 of them) and we are also going to start building a bench in that window as well... Pictures to come my friends.

I have a ton of plans for this house... but of course we have to take it one room at a time.

Now I just need some graph paper to draw it all out! Or a design notebook to keep all of my ideas for our "Home Projects", fabric samples, and of course the many pictures that I am getting inspiration from.

Also in breaking news... this weekend I hope to get my craft room organized. Right now it is another Guest Room, but soon it will be a place where I can do nothing but create. I am also picking up my sewing machine and table from my parents...time to reteach myself how to sew! I hope that it has the instruction manual still!

I hope that you all have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

XOXO- Mrs. McCracken


  1. That lunch looks super yummy! I love avacado, but can never think of what to use it for, except salads, I will have to try it. I just got a good recipe for Cauliflower and cheese soup, I'm going to try it tomorrow, can't wait! Jealous of the craft room :) Sewing is easy - you can do it, promise.

  2. Silvertag- he he... IF you love the soup please send recipe! It sounds great! Sandich has been AMAZING! You will love it!
    and I should be able to pick sewing back up... I DID have to take a sewing class as part of my major in college! LOL! I cannot wait to get back into it!
    Cannot wait to hear from you!

  3. Katie- I desperately need some drapes for my kitchen bay window! How much does your m-i-l charge?