Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's been a week....

and I have been MIA for a week.

We have not done that much lately... but we did start on a little home project. Well to clarify, it was all JM and my Dad. I sat, watched, cooked for them, and cleaned the kitchen. Do you really think that they would trust me with a saw? No I didn't think so... Hell I dont even trust myself with a saw.

Here are some pictures from this weekends project: A built-in bench in the bay window.

We still are not done with this project...

We still have to add some decorative trim to the front as well as sand, prime, and paint. I am thinking of doing a glaze over some ivory paint to give it that "shabby chic" look, but I am not sure. I do have all of the fabric picked out for the pillows and cushion that will cover the top of the bench.

I just love that we will have another place for storage in the kitchen! We have gotten some lovely wedding gifts, however we didn't have ANYWHERE for us to store them. So the bench will be perfect! Plus it is HUGE!

Other than the bench, we have not been doing much... taking it easy I guess.

I have had a few thoughts over the past few weeks though. I want this blog to be... well, more.

Let me explain.

This is a place for me to share my thoughts and ramblings about what we have going on in our lives and I love that! BUT we also cook... A LOT. Not only do we love cooking, we love cooking for other people. We take pride in what we serve each other as well as everyone else who enters the McCracken House. So I think that once a week I am going to start doing a recipe. See how it goes.
This will not turn into a cooking blog, but maybe just maybe once a week I could share a tried and true recipe with everyone.
Now there is a catch... I want YOU to tell me what you want to cook. What would you like to see? A chicken dish, because you are tired of making the same chicken over and over? OR how about a new pork, beef, or even veggie dish???
This will help not only us try a few new things and branch out, but I think that it would be great for all of you to have a new recipe as well...

What do you think? I need some feed back here? I know that there are only 33 of you reading this... But that means at least 33 new recipes right?

What do you think? JM and I were talking about it, and maybe just maybe I could even get him on here to give some of his recipes up too!

This little blog has brought me so much joy over the past however-many months. Hell I even made a wonderful friend or pen pal so-to-speak! I would have never met her if it were not for this wonderful space where I share it all.

Now I guess it is time to spread some of that joy... So email me or share here on what kind of recipe you would like to appear here. ALSO help me think of a name for this "weekly challenge" that we are taking on...

I am thinking of posting this on Thursday's. So tomorrow's post will be....


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.



  1. Go Charlie and JM! That bench is great!

  2. Awww you are so sweet! I really liked the maple mustard chops, R not so much, but hey new is always good! I LOVE the bench, that will be so great for storage, and extra seating! Nice!!

  3. The bench is awesome! We are planning on building one for my office very, very soon!

    What about Cooking with the McCracken's? Idk! HA! I want to see some FISH DISHES :)