Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Love Day to all of you out there!!!

We had a great weekend. The best in a while! We were busy NON-STOP.

Friday night we went to Macon to see Bob and Brittany.

We also went to Macon to see JM's Mom and get the piano! It is beautiful... I cannot wait to start playing again. Now I just have to sit there and re-teach myself the basics... My old piano teacher would be so proud!

Saturday once we got back we headed over to Ballard Backroom. It is a division of Ballard Designs. IT. WAS. AMAZING. See we have been looking for a Hutch for the Living Room for a LONG TIME. OR ever since we got married. And we found it... We also found a few other pieces of furniture as well...

This is what we got each other for Valentine's Day.

And for you... a little before and after! (Sorry all of the picture are iPhone shots! we were so busy we didn't even take out the camera this weekend!)

This is a BEFORE-Before Picture... we will call this Pre-K as in Pre-Katie
Then it was this...I guess considered a Before
Sorry I couldn't get it all in one... see the piano? YAY!!!

The Foyer got a new table...


We got another table for the upstairs hall way, replaced the coffee table in the Family Room... and we spent WAY less than we thought we were even going to spend on the hutch! WAY WAY LESS! While everything in there was a steal... you must know that it is more of a "scratch and dent" place. Which means we will be getting some furniture pens and fixing it up.

Last night we celebrated with a very romantic dinner of Shrimp and Scallops with Creamy Grits and a Sherry Cream Sauce. JM did a wonderful job with dinner. That is what we had on our first Valentine's Dinner...Should be a tradition from now on!

and I made JM's family recipe for Pound Cake with berries and cream. Was AMAZING...

Tonight we are making PIZZA with family! Fig and Prosciutto Pizza and a Pepperoni Pizza as well! Maybe that will be Thursday's Recipe Challenge!

What are you doing tonight? Did you celebrate this weekend?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day filled with love!


  1. Love all of the changes! Looks great! Happy Valentine's day to y'all! xoxo

  2. Love it. It all looks great. Brian and I get take out Chinese every year... nothing fancy, but something to do. Can't wait to see it all in person. :)

  3. Love the afters! New furniture is so much fun, especially since you are able to inject some style into the Pre-K!!! I've missed you! Glad to hear your weekend was good. I almost didn't recognize you with the new hair in that pic!! Hugs!