Wednesday, February 9, 2011

America the Beautiful...

Well this is what I woke up to on Saturday morning. It was beautiful.

This past weekend we went to Blue Ridge, GA. We had a great time! The house we stayed in was beautiful... was a Log Cabin style house. But the views, they were perfect...
Amy did a wonderful job picking out the place and organizing the whole trip! Thank you Amy.

We got there late Friday and left around noon on Sunday. There was good food, great drinks, and the best of friends there. It was relaxing. We had no plans but to relax and enjoy each others company.
I am sure that it will be once a year trip from now on... minus a few of the things. But that is another story for another time.

Other than the mountains... we do not have much going on in our lives right now. This weekend we are headed to Macon on Friday night to pick up a piano! YAY! It has been in JM's family for a while and we want to keep it that way... It will be perfect in the living room. Now I just have to get out the books again and teach myself the basics again. I will re-learn. I want for our (future) children to be able to play.
I want the house to be full of music.
Now to think of someone who can tune a piano. There is nothing worse than an out of tune piano.
Saturday night I am going out for a best friends Bachelorette Party. It is going to be a blast! Dinner with the girls is just what I need!

Well sorry to be so short and lame, but I don't feel that great. Something is just off... no idea...

Well I hope that everyone is having a wonderful week.

There will be a new edition to Cooking with the McCracken's tomorrow... Chicken Tortilla Soup! AND Brandi Nell- The Fish recipes are coming! we go to a Fish Cookery class at the Viking Store on the 19th! So you will all get the recipes from that too!

Apparently it is going to snow tonight... Hopefully the weather man is wrong about GA this time getting snow.


  1. amen!!!!!!! I don't want snow :( And off? baby? maybe? lol

  2. HA HA Rach!!!! I didnt want snow- but at least it didnt stick! Also... Baby? Ummm no not yet! Just a cold/ stomach bug! LOL!!!