Monday, May 9, 2011

15 weeks! YAY!

First I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Moms out there! Especially my mom, my grandmother, and my mother-in-law. All of you are so special to me I don't know what I would do without you!

Second... I don't want to jinx it, BUT... I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER lately. I actually feel like a human again.
And for the record I have read too many old wive's tales about being so sick... It doesn't mean that you will have a girl at all. It just means... You are pregnant and that you must deal with it. You must puke and lay back down. Crackers just don't work, and they taste like crap.

I am sure that JM is very glad that I am back to myself... I think that he missed me. Maybe.

So this week we are 15 weeks pregnant! YAY! See I am very excited about this as 1. I am not sick... and 2 I am getting closer to the half way point! I just cannot wait to feel some movement!
I had a Dr appointment this morning and everything went perfect... minus the fact my blood pressure was a little higher. Nothing scary or to worry about. However I was told to stop stressing. As in no stress. Period.

and it has me thinking...
Just how do you do that when you have a job? When you drive 30 miles to work and 30 miles home? When the price of gas is CRAZY expensive? When you have so much on your plate some days you feel like you might drown? I am a worrier by nature. I get so anxious some times I must remind myself to CALM. DOWN.

Well... Frankly, I don't give a damn anymore.
About anything.

I have realized over these short weeks of being pregnant that nothing matters to me anymore but our baby's and my health. OF course JM's health as well! And that family is above everything else now to me.
(This is just crazy to me... I mean I used to think that the latest sale at Nordstrom was the end all be all of things! What has happened to me?! Who have I become!)

I mean is that what happens when you start a family? Does everyone go through a time of complete selfishness... UNTIL they are married and having a baby? Well I did and I can say that I just now realized it.

And to me that is just life right now... I never thought that my life would lead me to the path that I am on. However I can honestly say that I have never been more happy in my life than right now. I have the most wonderful, loving, and supportive husband- who is too hot for words as well! and to also have such a wonderful support system in all of our families and friends.
I never realized just how blessed I would be!

See now this was a happy post...
Happy Monday!



  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better!! :)

  2. Yay! That was a happy post. Good for you for realizing what you need to do! Hugs! You're almost there!!!