Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's been a while.... and A LOT has changed.

Well my Google Reader says it has been at least 8 weeks since I last posted... That is a new record for me.
Pretty sure I have a great excuse... and I am going to call it my Maternity Leave.

This was taken right after Miss Vivienne Charles McCracken was born on October 18, 2011 at 1:13pm.

I did write her Birth Story a few days after we all got home and some what settled in... I actually wrote and sent it to a few of our best friends.... I will post it tomorrow, just so that I have a record for myself to look back at one day...

A lot has been going on in our house as you can tell. We have been parents for 6 weeks and 1 day. Yes there have been tears, happy and sad/ frustrated ones, but it has been the greats thing that we have ever done. Thanksgiving was a blast, and Christmas will be magical. Yes Vivi is way too young to understand and get excited about Christmas, but something is different about this Christmas. I think that it is knowing that we are going to wake up and open presents, but that this year having her with us will really be the greatest gift we could have given each other.

Now I know that you all came to see the pictures of Vivi and not read this... these are from our cameras and of course from our iPhones... Tomorrow I will post all of the wonderful pictures that Mrs. Southern Belle (Candace Carroll) took for Vivi's newborn pictures. They are SO CUTE...

Right before we left the hospital to go home... We couldn't believe that they let us walk out of there with her!

This was Halloween!

One Month Old. I cannot believe that she is already a month and a half! Where is the time going?!?!?

And this is me and Vivi on Thanksgiving... she is such a easy going baby... until she shit all over me that night. That is another story for another time... but believe me that I will tell that story when she goes on her first date.

Now I must go and put Vivi down, and tend to the pile of never ending laundry... She has fallen asleep on my chest again. (who doesn't love a baby sleeping on their chest?) Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.... I am glad to be back.


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  1. Welcome to the blog world Vivi! So glad she has made her debut! We have all missed you, Momma!